By Kegronauer - 23/08/2009 21:35 - United States

Today, I caught my dad squishing my stick-on bra cups in his hands, trying to figure out what they are. He's an engineer who graduated from MIT. I still don't think he knows what they are. FML
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avidfmylife tells us more.

haha the comments are all great. I'll clarify a couple things: 1) I accidentally left my stick-on bra cups in a main part of the house where he easily found them 2) I was embarrassed that he found them and that I caught him but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. It's "FML" because my dad was squishing my bras. It's "YDI" because I left them out where he found them. I decided it was better to not embarrass both of us by confronting him and explaining what they are, so I just pretended I didn't notice and left the room.

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DogFun 0

What the hell is a "stick on bra cup" anyways?

Ligerie 0

LOL, Thats pretty funny. Or creepy. Maybe he does know but likes to squish your bra!?


Ligerie 0

LOL, Thats pretty funny. Or creepy. Maybe he does know but likes to squish your bra!?

how is this an fml?

#10, i said it first. see #5.


YDI for being a woman and, therefore, a hazard on the road

agreed. i've had two cars totaled by women.

and how many by men...?

gorguz14evar 0

Rofl epic win :D


Your dad is not an engineer from M.I.T you dumb insecure cunt.

mackenzieex3 0

oh dear lord.

G0v3nat0r 7

I didn't realize engineers study bras in college

#136: They don't .... OBVIOUSLY! lol

instantfail 0

Who cares?

DogFun 0

What the hell is a "stick on bra cup" anyways?

hannahgrace456 0

They're just cups that stick on. There aren't any straps or anything.

waterynuggets 0

LMAO @ #16

@ #16, there is a period cup? O.o @OP, I bet he was like "WOAH! WAZZAT!"....I know I would be like that!

caomei 0

where in this world do they sell stick on bra cups? those might actually come in handy like when I wear a dress...

broomhildo 19

I thought it was self explanatory. does this mean that your life is f'd?

dancingstar991 0

Yeah seriously...

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#3, you cared enough to comment. But as for the op, I agree with #2, that is creepy.

Hahaha I can totally imagine some puzzled guy squishing those weird flesh colored pudding-boobs... And to the guys above me who say it's creepy: oh, lighten up! He was trying to figure out what they were, not every guy who is touching a bra is a pervert. When I still lived with my parents my father sometimes touched my underwear when he was folding the laundry, is he a creep too? :-/

myfishisBOBA 0

How is this an FML?? engineers don't study bras. u should have told him what it was instead of staring at him feeling embarrassed.

I agree, this is completly not a FML. If this was from the dad's POV, and his daughter had to tell him what they were, then it would be. Right now it's a FYDL.

Kattster 7

ROFLMFAO agreed. Sounds like something my dad would do ~Katt

LemonFairy 0

Folding underwear =/= squishing bra cups.

=/= ≠ ≠. And I hate to break it to you, but if you were holding a cup, that would make you a perv by the definition implied here.

OMGitsKaleyxo 0

stick on bra cups? really?

sugaboo 1

Yeah, really- they are a Godsend if you have big boobs and a backless dress