By Kegronauer - 23/08/2009 21:35 - United States

Today, I caught my dad squishing my stick-on bra cups in his hands, trying to figure out what they are. He's an engineer who graduated from MIT. I still don't think he knows what they are. FML
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avidfmylife tells us more.

haha the comments are all great. I'll clarify a couple things: 1) I accidentally left my stick-on bra cups in a main part of the house where he easily found them 2) I was embarrassed that he found them and that I caught him but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. It's "FML" because my dad was squishing my bras. It's "YDI" because I left them out where he found them. I decided it was better to not embarrass both of us by confronting him and explaining what they are, so I just pretended I didn't notice and left the room.

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What the hell is a "stick on bra cup" anyways?

LOL, Thats pretty funny. Or creepy. Maybe he does know but likes to squish your bra!?


LOL, Thats pretty funny. Or creepy. Maybe he does know but likes to squish your bra!?

how is this an fml?

#10, i said it first. see #5.


YDI for being a woman and, therefore, a hazard on the road

agreed. i've had two cars totaled by women.

and how many by men...?

Rofl epic win :D


Your dad is not an engineer from M.I.T you dumb insecure cunt.

I didn't realize engineers study bras in college

#136: They don't .... OBVIOUSLY! lol

What the hell is a "stick on bra cup" anyways?

They're just cups that stick on. There aren't any straps or anything.

@ #16, there is a period cup? O.o @OP, I bet he was like "WOAH! WAZZAT!"....I know I would be like that!

where in this world do they sell stick on bra cups? those might actually come in handy like when I wear a dress...

I thought it was self explanatory. does this mean that your life is f'd?

#3, you cared enough to comment. But as for the op, I agree with #2, that is creepy.

Hahaha I can totally imagine some puzzled guy squishing those weird flesh colored pudding-boobs... And to the guys above me who say it's creepy: oh, lighten up! He was trying to figure out what they were, not every guy who is touching a bra is a pervert. When I still lived with my parents my father sometimes touched my underwear when he was folding the laundry, is he a creep too? :-/

How is this an FML?? engineers don't study bras. u should have told him what it was instead of staring at him feeling embarrassed.

I agree, this is completly not a FML. If this was from the dad's POV, and his daughter had to tell him what they were, then it would be. Right now it's a FYDL.

ROFLMFAO agreed. Sounds like something my dad would do ~Katt

Folding underwear =/= squishing bra cups.

=/= ≠ ≠. And I hate to break it to you, but if you were holding a cup, that would make you a perv by the definition implied here.

stick on bra cups? really?

Yeah, really- they are a Godsend if you have big boobs and a backless dress