By Rainman - 14/06/2009 20:39 - United States

Today, I had to water my entire garden. After an exhausting hour of watering hundreds of plants, I turned off the hose and started to feel good about the grueling job. That is, until it started pouring rain. FML
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Aww that sucks! Should've checked the weather forecast, though. =/

Yeah, it's such fucking hard work holding a hose for 10 minutes.


1st! and ouch...

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Aww that sucks! Should've checked the weather forecast, though. =/

Agreed. :) Weather channel?

hell even a computer wouldve given you the weather forecast

that would be silly XD

Uh weather forecasts aren't 100%. A better thing to say was look at the clouds. Dark means heavy with water.

and thats why you wait. or next time check the weather.

OOOOH!! Your life is fucked forever...

aw~the stupid weather channel lies~although that doesn't have anything to do with this. Hey, at least your plants didn't all die

YDI. Check the weather forecast. Did you also get your car washed today as well?

Reminds me of the time that I heard that one of my colleagues wasn't coming to work, so I did all of his work for him so we wouldn't fall behind. 30 minutes later, guess who shows up?

Check the weather forecast. Duh.

Hey! It not as cool as the rain man, u can't have that name