Heavenly Shower

By deadgrass - 29/03/2012 00:44 - United States - Middletown

Today, I discovered that the stream of water that periodically falls onto the ground outside my apartment window isn't actually water. The guy above me regularly pees out of his window onto his balcony. FML
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I find it funny that a random single stream of water falling from the sky seemed normal to you.

Should have gone under Rihanna's umbrella.


So that explains the yellow snow! Fyl op

That's fucking disgusting. I bet you'd be pissed if someone's pee constantly lands right in front of your window

I feel bad for the people that work under him. ... i am not sure if that came out right.

*Today, the guy downstairs gave me a disgusted look while I was desperately trying to water the dying grass from my window with my man-hose.*

based off your name I'm guessing you tried to use that stream to grow some plants huh? poor plants

I hate it when I find out the water I'm using to water my plants with is urine.

Would pee act like poop and be a fertilizer though?

Nope. If you've had a dog that likes to use the same spot in the yard you'd know that pee kills grass.

@EduJav Too acidic dumbass.

Should have gone under Rihanna's umbrella.

Trust me, not a good idea.

Naw, im too scared of chris brown coming under aswell and beating my ass

I wonder how you found out. Did you try drinking it?

Please tell me your joking!! if your not joking your an idiot!!

Says the guy who can't use 'your' and 'you're' in the right context.

I find it funny that a random single stream of water falling from the sky seemed normal to you.

Usally i just think that god or mother nature is fucking with us

If it were coming of the balcony I'd say it would be trickles/drops and who's to say he want up there watering his rosebush?

Or someone's aircon letting go of water occasionally?

Next time there will be multiple streams ;)

keepin it classy eh?

You can't tell the landlord?

I sure hope you didn't walk into it.

Just hope the way you found out was not through actually using the 'water' for anything…

How'd you figure it out?

He looked up i guess.

#34 the op is a woman