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Today, I was in the grocery store getting bananas and there was this real hot guy next to me. He said, "Hey beautiful" so I smiled. He then asked if I was free on Friday night. I smiled and said, "Yes, why do you ask?" He looked up from the bananas and pointed to the bluetooth in his ear. FML
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This is when "eye contact" comes in handy. If someone is asking you out, I'd say about 99% of the time they would be looking directly at you, not the bananas.

Normally people talking on the bluetooth are the ones who look like retards. In this situation it was the other way around. :P


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You idiot no one gives a flying shit if your first, please go kill yourself.

If you didn't care you wouldn't have bothered to comment on it. Jealous?

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you said real instead of very so that proves that you are stupid and that this wasn't an isolated incident

I am sorry but YDI. Other people may not think that but I mean honestly, are you really that narcissistic to think that some random man in the grocery store would blurt out hey beautiful? Not likely.

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112- she probably meant "really".

I feel as if I've read this before...

there are so many bluetooth stories its ridiculous.

I was just going to say that this is like the 5th FML bluetooth story I've read in the last few's not funny anymore. It's just getting annoying.

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You're obviously quite the regular. YD the annoyance for being a little no-life ********.

#77, just because people read these all the time does not mean that they are "a little no-life ********", I work in an office during the day, and when I get bored I come on this site to give me a few giggles. You are very rude, and its people like you who ruin things for everyone else. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. And, for the poor person that this happened to, I feel very bad for you. That must have been very embarrassing. Keep you're chin up, and stay positive!!!

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douche bag i read these everyday just to laugh and i do have a life, you probably ah 32 year old dude that lives with his mom.

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waaay to many bluetooth stories... and i despise those devices. lol

#105, That 'dude' happens to be a Mrs. (last name), and she's 20. Before you make fun of people, read the information. Even though this happened in '09.

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Normally people talking on the bluetooth are the ones who look like retards. In this situation it was the other way around. :P

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ahhh i do that all the time. well, not the same scenario, but the whole bluetooth thing.... one question... how are the bananas so important in this fml? just curious

Because if the OP was smart she would've realized the guy wasn't making eye contact with her due to him looking through the bananas trying to pick out a suitable batch to buy. Also she would've noticed the bluetooth blinking to indicate it was in use.

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Not necessarily. My dad's blinks all the time, just to show that the device is on and connected to his phone, not that he's talking on it.

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Maybe he was talking to the bananas lol.

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Also, she may not have seen the bluetooth because it was on the other ear.

simple: if you use bluetooth headsets when you arent driving or need both hands you are a lazy ass loser.

This is when "eye contact" comes in handy. If someone is asking you out, I'd say about 99% of the time they would be looking directly at you, not the bananas.

seriously, it's so obvious when someone is on a bluetooth, i can't believe people are so naive. "Hey this guy isn't looking at me, but he is clearly talking to me anyway" wtf? god, people's stupidity makes me rage

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Not really. I've been in that situation when a person was looking straight at me and speaking into their bluetooth. It's so annoying when people do that anyways. It's like, seriously get a life, stop trying to act like an important buisness person in a grocery store

They should get a life because they're on the phone and want to use their hands for other things like picking out groceries and what not............right. You do realize that bluetooths aren't exclusively for the upper echelons of Wall Street right? Maybe you should just be more observant and realize that though the person is looking in your direction, its very possible for them to not actually be looking at you. Hence the lack of eye contact.

Because no one has ever initiated a conversation while looking at something else, right? If the person is beginning an average conversation, there's no one else around, and a bluetooth isn't visible, there's little reason to assume the person isn't talking to you.

Nah, I disagree. Most people I've seen seem pretty arrogant and use bluetooth because they think it shows they're special. After all, if it was really for convenience, why do 1/10 of my customers blab on their bluetooths while I'm checking them out. They apparently have a conceit issue since they think they're too important to put the call on hold while I check them out. I mean it seems more an issue of lack of respect to others (i.e. being too important to have any reason to show respect to the lower scumbag that's checking them out) than convenience. And you guys who don't work retail are probably going to say "suck it up", and I do, but it's still extremely disrespectful what they do, and I wish I could just deck them and spit in their faces like they (metaphorically) do to me.

What's worse is when they(Bluetoothers) are in line to order something and people are behind them and they thinks it's okay to hold a finger up while they finish their conversation, all the while holding up the line. Talk about a sense of entitlement.....

I totally agree with #118. I work at a Starbucks within a store and people are always talking on their phones or bluetooths while ordering. I'm like really? Would it really kill you to hold the call or call them back?

Humorizer you really shouldn't associate bluetooths with arrogance. Those types of people would do the same thing even if they didn't have bluetooths. I personally prefer using my bluetooth over holding my phone cuz I don't like having the screen against my face for 10-20 min or longer. It would help to gain a tad more self-esteem and just not care that they're on the phone.

That's not true when I asked out I guy I wasn't landing eye contact.

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haha wow... lol I would probably do the same thing... it's ok at least you don't really know him, it would definetly be ten times worse if you knew this person...

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your comment is, of course, ironic.

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lmao man dont you just hate those wireless bluetooth ear sets... i bet you was feelin like you were the shit... then when you saw he wasnt talking to you lmao that look of no bitch im talking to another women and just buying some bananas come down lmfao!