By Anonymous - 19/03/2014 10:34 - Australia - Greensborough

Today, I was sitting on a bench outside a supermarket waiting to be picked up, when a old lady walked out of the shop. She hadn't noticed me and sat on the bench beside me. She looked around and saw me, rolled her eyes, got up and moved to a different bench. FML
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How dare you sit on that bench? So rude.

Old people are cranky for no reason sometimes, she was probably reminiscing. "Back in mah day, we didn't even have benches!"


You don't need her. She'll be dead so anyway ;)

I abhor comments like these. Age comes to all, and reminding older people that they are close to death is cruel and uncalled for.

No matter how mean the old lady was, thats not a very pleasant thing to mention, #1

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How dare you sit on that bench? So rude.

She was upset that OP didn't ask her about her life's story.

FML: where old ladies are the worst of humanity

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Old people are just Rude and judgmental. Don't take it personally op.

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I said that the lady was probably not having a good day and wanted to be alone. Why did that get moderated? Anyway, op don't take it personally.

Too bad she didn't sit on you. You might have turned out to be a princess.

Is this a reference from somewhere? I don't get it.

Princess Diaries, actually. Someone sat on her because she was invisibly unpopular, yet she ended up being a princess. Eh, it was an obscure movie reference anyway.

Remember when people made easy to understand references? pepperidge farm remembers

Old people are cranky for no reason sometimes, she was probably reminiscing. "Back in mah day, we didn't even have benches!"

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This is the best comment I've ever read.

Back in mah day hooligans had more respect than to take up space on benches!

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she was probably just having a bad day.. don't take it personal mate

it's always sad to hear of rude old people, they are supposed to be the ones setting an example for younger generations, teaching us how to be good human beings throughout our lives

Then why would she have sat down on the bench in the first place? I know OP said she didn't notice her, but surely she would have noticed immediately once she approached the bench. The old lady's eyesight couldn't have been THAT bad, if she were that serious about being to herself.

you would be surprised at the visual deficiencies that elders can get, such as age related macular degeneration, blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy as they age. Each one can affect vision differently from darkening the vision, constant blurred central vision, loss of peripheral vision and so on. It could of actually have been a simple case that OP was in the elderly's peripheral vision and actually did not see her because she couldn't.

Maybe you resemble a grandchild she's disappointed in? Who knows!