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Those bluetooth things are so annoying! One guy had one while standing next to me at a urinal. Imagine my suprise when he said "I'll come in a minute"..


1- agreed. I hate walking or being by people who have them, it makes you look like a complete fool when you respond to them. Especially when you carry on a convo with them the whole time lol

Faaaaake. Let me get this straight, you sit down next to a guy, who you think is talking to himself. All of a sudden, without talking to you at all beforehand, just himself, he asks you out to dinner, and your first response is YES!!!!! FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE

By  jm88

Really, #2? He could have made a call and went with that right off the bat. Are you *really* going to dub yourself 'fakebuster' and go around doing this?

Haha the people that think it's fake have obviously never encountered someone with a bluetooth. It's very easy to think they're suddenly talking to you if their voice changes volume or tone.

sounds fake.. and i sort of hope for your own sake that this is fake, because i'm sure you looked stupid as hell. regardless, i HATE bluetooths. people look fucking stupid with them in.

This is not fake, I did the same answering back to my friend I thought was talking to me, and then they turn around to show me they were on bluetooth, gets me everytime... I have to say this is a good one.

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