By notsohappyniece - 02/11/2009 16:10 - United States

Today, my aunt came into the world. My 67 year-old grandfather married a 24 year-old woman who just gave birth to my new aunt, who is 18 years younger than me. FML
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chill... I doubt that he is the father... she is probably ******* the pool guy


ok wow isnt he a bit old? but i know how you feel. i have grandparents younger then my dad and aunts that are about to start school soon. >.>" but none of them are 60yo. My late grandma just has a lot of sibling. A LOT.

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The OP was using ellipsis (...) as a rhetorical device for suspense, in order to deliver an unexpected conclusion. I found it a novel and interesting story.

I would go as far as to say that this is not an FML...What does it matter if your aunt is younger than you??? HOLY SHIT YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO END!!!! *sniffle sniffle*

Hahahaha. Even though I'm not #1, I am still near the top!=)

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Hahahahahahahahaha yeah but, so wat if it isn't worthy of being fml... its ******* hilarious hahahahahahahaha. thats wat fml is for, a good read and a way to laugh at somebody's misfortune or hilarious events.. like this one bahha.

wow. that's a good effort on his part :P

Welcome to Alambama. Is she your sister and cousin too?

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This is a ripoff of King of the hill. FAIL.

How on earth did he--?....You know, without....Dying O.o Why are old men so horny!!!!!! Give it up already!!!! There's a reason your thing doesn't work after awhile!!!!!

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... So you mean great aunts and uncles, right? It not possible to have grandparents that young...

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Is it possible for a guy his age to produce sperm?

Unless you have your prostate removed, you pretty much always produce sperm.

are you suggesting that sperm is produced in the prostate? but yeah, OP, FYL, that sucks, it sucks for your whole family.

Unless impotent, men can procreate until their dying day. It's women who get their plumbing screwed up by age.

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Yeah, most men can and do produce sperm up until their death.

it doesn't matter how old a man gets he can always have sperm and concieve a child unless he becomes sterile or gets an operation.

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Haven't you seen or read Twilight? :'D Even though Edward's an old vampire he still produces sperm, since guys never stop producing it; therefor he has the ability to impregnate Bella. Hahaha oh twilight, that was the shit. XD

your aunt is the product of loose morals and loose skin...

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And she's really only your half aunt. Your grandpa is a nasty old man and your step-grandma is a dirty *****. Make sure she doesn't take all of grandpa's money!

The math doesnt work. Your grandpa musta been 25 when u were born. Unless you had 2 consecutive generations of 12 year old fathers this doesnt work. -.- trickery is afoot.

families suck like that my great grand farther did this its weird when you have a great aunt who's the same age as you good luck with that

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That is great aunt to you missy.

anything can happen in this world man ...anything !!!

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Don't underestimate older guys. They may have slowed down, but in some contexts that can be a very, very good thing. ;) You're not going to get a Gold Medal if you are Usain Bolt in bed and can finish in 9.7 seconds.

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Isn't there a joke where this really old man comes in and tells the doctor he just got his younger girlfriend pregnant, and the Dr. tells a story that goes something like "A man was out hunting beaver with a stick. He saw a beaver, raised his stick, and pointed it at the beaver. Then, the beaver fell over, dead." Then the old man says, "That's impossible! Someone else must've shot that beaver!" To which the doctor replies, "That's what I'm saying." I probably butchered the story, but you get the gist.

lol!!!!! omg thats an amazing story...i only remember hearing that story once. but yeah that was basically it

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@ #30 LOL @ #95 eww o.0 O.P. most girls with old[er] (much older in some cases) men are gold diggers, though not saying all are. If the man is old he wont live forever and therefore when he dies she gets the money if she can sex him up enough to get him to change his will or turn over his trusts. This kind of sounds like one of those times. How many times does a woman typically get w/ a much older man out of love? Oh thats right...You Dont Ever Hear About That Type Of Thing So How Do We Know How Many Women Are In It For The Love And Love Only? -cough- not too many. Maybe she does love him but its kind of weird that they're together and suspicious. You mostly see women getting the money from their old dead husband... BTW...Congratz On Your New Auntie :D lol...hope she doesnt try to boss u around...

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chill... I doubt that he is the father... she is probably ******* the pool guy

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anyone else find it hilarious that this was posted from Alabama?

They'll probably be going at it with each other in 14 years.

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Haha I didn't notice! that is funny!

#13 i did, but oklahoma and arkansas are the *inbred states*

Technically you can throw Maryland in there too. Well, at least Southern Maryland.

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Maryland's fine.. West Virginia on the other hand..

well #89 i live in arkansas and i only say tht because my best friends cousin (in south arkansas) has a mother and father tht are 1st. cousin's and she has 11 fingers, 6 toes, and her face is a retarted type of square

lol At least the people who live in the Applachains. XD

It's retarded, not "retarted", you retard.

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! It is sooo true (: