By fucktheearth - 20/04/2016 03:32 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I was sitting at my desk when out of nowhere I had a "silent sneeze attack". Someone in the office called the paramedics because they thought I was having a seizure. This is the third time this has happened this week. FML
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Get a heart attack next time, they wont believe you.

Allergies are great aren't they


Better safe than sorry

Get a heart attack next time, they wont believe you.

Exactly what I was thinking. Kind of setting up a "boy who cried wolf" situation with the paramedics. Hope they don't ignore any real emergencies you might have in the future.

they would probably hold their chest then

They say the silent sneeze attack is deadly. On the serious side OP, it was just a mistake. Talk to your coworkers about the "seizures" you are having. I'm sure they will understand.

Allergies are great aren't they

At least your coworkers are looking out for you.

Right? Too many people nowadays are only concerned with their own lives and won't take the time to help someone else in need.

Well at least your coworkers are worried about you.

Let's hope you don't ever get a real seizure and end up in a boy-who-cried-wolf kind of situation.

You'd think they'd know better by now.

Maybe get some allergy medicine?

The skip the "are you all right" straight to a 911 call

Well, if you think someone is having a seizure, you don't have the time to stop to ask if they're OK. It's a life or death situation.

But this is the third time

It might have been different coworkers calling 911 each time. It's also entirely possible to develop a seizure disorder suddenly and without knowing.