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By Anonymous - 20/04/2016 10:04 - Australia - Brunswick

Today, I ran into a new guy at work who told me the regional manager was visiting today to evaluate the staff. I scoffed and said that everything I'd heard about the manager made him seem like a total prick. His reply? "Maybe, but I'm a prick who can FIRE people." FML
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bobbybev95 17

Sorry to say it but YDI. You don't go around talking bad to people you don't know or that you don't trust to keep a secret. And you definitely don't go badmouthing a boss to some new guy

Looks like you're the prick.


bobbybev95 17

Sorry to say it but YDI. You don't go around talking bad to people you don't know or that you don't trust to keep a secret. And you definitely don't go badmouthing a boss to some new guy

Exactly. You NEVER talk bad about people at work, especially people who are higher up in hierarchy, not even to your close coworkers, but especially not to strangers. Keep rumors to yourself. Be professional.

Looks like you're the prick.

You kinda deserved that one.

No, they completely deserve it.

Why would you spread rumors and gossip with someone you don't know? You deserve to be fired.

This is what happens when you talk shit. Maybe you should have made sure to meet the guy before drawing your own conclusions. You deserve any repercussions here.

While you shouldn't be badmouthing people to strangers. Especially people you haven't even met; I don't think he can fire you for having an honest opinion.

He can fire them for slander though

Depending on where you are, you don't need to have a reason to fire someone, and as long as it isn't for a protected reason, you're ok.

Location says Victoria Australia, and I live there and was always told, unless you're casual, you need a reason. They can't just fire you for no reason, however, this workers ethic and the fact they just spread more rumours and gossip, show to actually being a bad employee, hence reason to fire.

CrassKal 27

9- I don't this applies as slander. Saying a person is mean isn't the same as falsely accusing them of a crime or something else disparaging.

But he probably could find another excuse to fire OP

Dang. I'm so curious what you said back to him

If he had any dignity left, hopefully "I'll just grab my belongings."

I don't understand why this is a YDI! If anything, that manager should become more interested in why his employees think that bad of him. If he aspires to be a great manager and leader he should ask himself and other that question. Plus it's not like OP said he was an asshole. He only said he HEARD. Definitely a FYL and FYML

mariri9206 32

It's a YDI because OP was, essentially, badmouthing and saying negative things about a higher-up they've never met TO someone they've never met. It's one thing if it's said to a coworker you've worked with for a while in confidence and can trust them to not say anything and mean it in jest. It's a completely different thing to say it to just anyone. For instance, at a previous job, my coworkers and I would talk to each other about how horrible my supervisor was but it was conversations/gossip between coworkers and we never said it around her. We also never said it to any of the seasonal employees that got hired for christmas seasons or to customers (even if they were regulars).

Saying that he heard he's an asshole is even worse. He's repeating malicious gossip about someone he's clearly never met to what he thinks is a new employee that he has no relationship with. It's not like they worked the morning together and talked about this over lunch break. This is a complete stranger he's repeating the gossip to.

Actually, he didn't say "asshole", he said "prick".

Ydi. You said it to someone you'd never even met before. That's not smart at all.

ohsnapword 21

Bad move on your part, but him baiting you like that may mean that the stories you heard about him have some merit.

The guy wasn't baiting, he was casually sharing the info, and, honestly, OP should have known that he was the regional manager by the fact that he was a stranger.

If he referred to himself, the regional manager, in third person, suggesting that he was not the regional manager himself, then yeah, he was definitely trying to see what OP would do or say not knowing he was the regional manager. However, it's OP's own fault he stepped into it so spectacularly.