By meepdaleap - 16/05/2013 21:50 - United States - Newport News

Today, I stepped out of the kitchen to yell at my kids for running in the house. I had just mopped the floor, and did not want them to fall. I fell while yelling and twisted my ankle. At least they know it's dangerous now. FML
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At least you were being considerate to the children

grahmagog 14

Best life lessons are taught by our parents


At least you were being considerate to the children

Yep. A lot of people would have just let their children fall because they "deserved it". (I know parents who have done things like that..) Thank you OP for being a caring mother, and sorry you got hurt in the process. :c

BreynHope 11

Your setting a great example.

fishstick557 14

I'm sorry but.. you're, it's you're. You're=you are. You are setting a great example. Is it really that difficult to know the difference?

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

The children are the future of the world.

Did 12 just get thumbed down for using the wrong your?

argh! Kids can be annoying sometimes! get better OP!

thatonegirlnic 10

She didn't seem to be annoyed at the kids running so much as concerned for their safety. You go OP

Do as I say not as I do applies quite nicely here. hahaha

grahmagog 14

Best life lessons are taught by our parents

Thumb me down if you must. This reminded me of something. One time my mom took me to get blizzards and this greasy boy made mine and a clean girl made hers. Me being young and judgemental; asked if she could trade. She said no trying to teach me not to teach me not to be shallow but seconds later she slipped and spilled her blizzard all over herself and the ground. I guess karma was on my side that day :D

Opps on the double teach me part ** ^

33- So that's the day you learned to be a judgemental, stereotyping little bitch?

Now look at them and say "If you don't stop running on my floors, this will be you next!"

LaLa_xo 14

Great idea, teaching your kids life lessons by example :) Hopefully it didn't hurt too much!

I think it's safe to say they won't need to be told twice. Get well soon OP. A twisted ankle sucks.

perdix 29

Ah, you think they are really going to learn from that? No, they are going to keep running in the house thinking to themselves, "Hey, at least I'm not a klutz like Mom." Sorry about the twisted ankle and the bruised ego.