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  Vintage_Cola  |  29

No words were spoken that day. As the foolish mortal stood no chance against his new, terrifying opponent.
Later that day, the man's body was found 6 feet under in a remote forest along the countryside.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I don't get why some men say stuff like that. Did he expect the guy (your father) to agree and laugh about it with him? Or did he just want the crap beaten out of him? No guy would be ok with a guy talking like that about the girl he's with, whether girlfriend, friend, sister, or daughter. He's an idiot.

By  kindasortayeah  |  23

How incredibly awkward. It's so tasteless to say something like that in general, much less to find out you are saying that to a man about his daughter. I'm sure everyone was comfortable with that conversation!