By ew - 12/04/2016 17:53 - United States

Today, I found my shower loofa near the bathroom trash. My husband has a habit of throwing things out of the shower if they are in his way, so I thought nothing of it and took at bath with it. When he came home from work, he said he had thrown it away because he used it to clean the toilet. FML
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Why would a loofah be in his way in the shower? Why would he use a loofah to clean a toilet? Why would he throw something near a trash can instead of in it? Why does he throw things out of the shower? So many questions OP. All of them are FYLs.


Well that's just shitty...haha I would suggest taking another shower

Next time the toilet needs cleaning I suggest you use his toothbrush.

if he meant to throw it away and it was only "near" the bathroom trash, then he really needs to work on actually throwing things away lol

Probably not a good idea to pull anything out of a bathroom trash anyways.

OP said it was near the trash, so I'd assume it was just sitting on the floor, maybe.

Okay, but still. It's been sitting on the floor for who knows how long. Why would you wash yourself with it?

Oh jesus, no no no no no nope! Time for some payback

That'll teach him to throw gross things away!

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Yesss! Put a little AIDS infected blood in his next syringe! That's always a killer with the gang!

Dafuq? This escalated too fast for me to keep up.

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He didn't throw it away though, OP said it was next to the trash. So he took something that belonged to someone else, used it to scrub the toilet and then dropped it on the floor. You can't blame OP for that not being the first conclusion she jumped to.

Yes you could do that, 14 but then again, the wife would then have a chance of contracting AIDS when having sex with her husband.

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I refuse to make a "shit" pun about this horribly crappy situation.

Why are you taking a bath in the toilet? No but seriously, that's disgusting

Er I don't think you've read the FML correctly, I kindly suggest you go read again slowly.

This actually made me laugh a little. But agreed with #33