By Anonymous - 3/10/2020 03:02 - Mexico - Mexico

Backwards world

Today, my life is so messed up that when I got pulled over, the officer asked about my life and not only did I not receive a ticket, he made me write down his personal number, patrol number and to call if I ever needed a favor or to talk, telling me that I had a friend in him. FML
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  Redgy22  |  26

Most do behave like this. Most are wonderful. The liberal media only shows us the horror stories because it serves their agenda. People who think like you are proof of the dumbing down of society.

  RichardPencil  |  30

My views are from my personal experience. I've had nothing but negative experiences with them and have never received any help or protection. As a victim of violent and property crime, police have never done shit to bring the criminals to justice.

The best experience I've ever had with cops was merely neutral.