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  DoomedGemini  |  37

Because 1. Kids shouldn't always get their way. And 2. They need healthy food. They can compromise but they were extremely rude. I'd say let them take over and just cook for yourself if they want to be ungrateful brats.

  Sora_McKain  |  36

When I was a kid the rule was "way what I make or go to bed hungry". The rules were modified as I got older, as in if I didn't like what offered I could buy and/or cook what I want.

  BoundBySpace  |  19

"three kids and husband" I think op is a she. might have put the wrong sex or is using a different account. or maybe it's a man married to a man with three adopted kids.

  blanchthis  |  4

My fiances kids whinge about having to eat anything but instant. When I make Mac and cheese from scratch, it's like pulling teeth to get them to touch it but when it's the microwaveable crap they are all over it. Same with chips. And they won't believe me when I tell them chips are potatoes - because it's a horrible thought to eat veggies.
I always said I'd never be the mum who cooks a different meal for the kids. Guess what. :(

By  CaptNomNom  |  17

I was once like that. Until I realized my mom's healthy food was what kept me from getting constantly sick. Hope they learn to appreciate your effort soon, OP!

By  SkullsRules1  |  26

Easy solution. Tell them to make their own meals. In saying that though, kids aren't gonna want to eat ultra healthy food all the time, let them have maccas or a surprise once in a while. Its all about balance.


I know you're going for the whole "moderation is key" bullshit, but McDonald's is like meth to me. Not even once. I'd more sooner eat my girlfriends used tampons than eat there. Not saying all fast food is ridiculous, but McDonald's is downright disgusting.

By  Llama_Man2000  |  26

Don't worry, it's probably not that your cooking is bad, it's just that they have had a lot of it recently, I mean you said that you have given it to them for years, and if they hadn't complained before then it would make sense.

By  Flyndaran  |  10

OP never even claimed the food tasted good, only that it was called, "healthy shit."
But as he put that extraneous U in color, I shall assumed his family's originally British, and merely wants the bland boiled mutton of their people. ;) (I almost put, "she" for having a husband, but OP did identify as man.)

  ModernZelda  |  19

America is the only country in the world that drops the U from the word colour... Not everyone who spells "colour" or "favourite" with the U is from the UK. You sound pretty ignorant stating that.