By Xerfox - 03/07/2016 18:05 - Germany - Löwenstein

Today, I found out the German I've been learning for nearly a month is a dialect only spoken by people in a small area of the country. This means I'll need to re-learn most of what I thought I knew. FML
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Maybe only ever visit a small area of Germany?

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Germans will help you.They probably know better English than you.


Maybe only ever visit a small area of Germany?

cornwallus24 8

Germans will help you.They probably know better English than you.

that's true and not true. in Germany, you're forced to learn English from first grade til you graduate. i know from experience

Well I'm visiting Germany right now, and it seems everyone on the streets can speak English. They are more than willing to help (for the most part). Usually they just start speaking English when they hear your accent

Was it Low German? Never learn Low German. Only learn standard German if you want to visit Germany.

At least you'll be fluent in some of Germany till you learn the rest. Good luck OP

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I'm half german and can speak the language fluently, but when I visit an area of Germany which I'm not from I cannot understand a word they are saying. Everywhere has different dialects so its very difficult.

We have the same in the UK, it's difficult to understand people from some parts due to their accents and weird sayings.

I have the same issue in Canada! A lot of people from southern Ontario sound nearly american, but Newfies have such a bizarre way of speaking that I'd actually have an easier time talking to somebody from Quebec!

Really I'm also from Canada I'll have to talk to one

Same in The Netherlands. Even though it's a small country, there're many different dialects. One province even has very its own language, which is only spoken there so no other Dutchman understands them.

we have a lesser issue in America. we have many accents but only boston is terrible. p.s. Pennsylvania Dutch ftw

Pretty sure I can't understand my own town with all these valley girl hashtag java latte with no whip yoga boot people in my town. America is definitly the worst out of them all. (hope you've picked up on the joke).

Well, you can either just settle in that small part of Germany, or you can choose to work a bit harder and have a German tutor or friend teach you standard German. Either way, good luck, and FYL

Hey, if you were willing to learn a new language, then you're already on the right path. Nothing wrong with furthering your education. Keep up the good work!

German dialects and accents can get ridiculous. I had two different teachers, so my accent is super weird. One of my friends said it sounds like a country girl who married up.

Just say the word "beer" that's all you need to get a Germans attention.

I thought this was hilarious. reminded me of the movie Beerfest