By SigSeg - China - Huntington Beach
Today, it’s been a semester since I came to Shanghai to study and my Chinese girlfriend nicely offered me a pear after a long exam. I cut the fruit to share it with her. When I saw her burst in tears, I understood that it was a way to announce a breakup in China. FML
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  Ging3rSnap  |  9

The cutting of the pear and offering to share it was a symbol for breaking up. If you are given a pear you are to eat it yourself; otherwise you are separating the "pair"

  icefishbaby  |  14

"Fen Ii (to split a pear) also sounds like fen Ii (to depart). Therefore, it is unlucky to cut a pair in half for your lover, as it may result in your splitting up."

  band_geek  |  18

It's a play on word in their own language. It's like how when in Korea, if you're trying to apologize, but don't really want to say it, they give an apple as a form of apology due to apple in Korean (pronoucned sah-gwa) sounds like "sorry".