By tomoxishigaki - 17/11/2011 01:32 - United States

Today, I moved to California. Too bad the rest of my belongings didn't. FML
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kickazz16 15

Hey don't lose heart, it may seem frustrating now, but things will brighten up! Enjoy Cali!


kickazz16 15

Hey don't lose heart, it may seem frustrating now, but things will brighten up! Enjoy Cali!

hollisterfreak52 1

I wonder where your luggages are :o

gpoquiqui 5

I wished I lived in California again... :/

chanta24 10
amatayo 0

Ahhhhh...... You live in Cali now no matter what it's a good thing, welcome to paradise.

palahniukpaul 6

What does my race have to do with how bad California is?

I meant pasty white*. My bad. Sunburn is a bitch

drawmesunshine 17

The short time that I lived in California, the weather was wonderful, but the people? Not so much :/ Have fun and make the best of it, OP.

StopDropNRoll 11

^ sounds like you met the wrong people :/

TraceCase_ 19

I spent a year there and met tons of great people...some of my favorite people ever!

plehning77 0

Yea california!!!!!! Best state ever.

palahniukpaul 6

in·cep·tion  Noun:The establishment or starting point of something; the beginning. 

I ment no offence. Only to better educate. Being trapped in a basement from a tempting sign of "free candy" i have no connection to the outside world. You tend to lose the sence of what is and is not approprite to say. I appologize with my deepest sincerity.

Hey don't worry....U will enjoy Cali so much that u will forget all ur Belongings....:)

mathew17986g 2

Join an Occupy camp and demand freebies from the government.

The roads in California are interesting. Saw signs saying speed limit enforced by aircraft. Huge lane merging arrows as well, and warning labels for every stop sign.

36 - So that's why Cali is broke? They waste all their money on air traffic enforcement and road paint?

Possibly. I successfully evaded aircraft apparently. It sure would make a great episode for Cops.

KiddNYC1O 20

**** yeah, speed enforced by Harrier...

This should just be "today, I moved to California, FML"

ChuckNorris141 0

That's what I was going to say!

'Today, I moved to the nicest state in the country. FML.'

Xo_CuPcAkLuVa_oX 6

67- Cali is definately not the best state in the country. There is so many things wrong with that states, maybe not in every town but in a few.

Sextonator 9

Atleast you live in Cali. Though it does seem a little procey to live there.

Hah. Move to Australia. Then you will see what pricey means!

Did your belongings move somewhere else? ;)