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Today, I was shopping, when a man pointed at me and said to his friend, "Her. She's the one." He replied, "Yes, she'll do fine." I'm scared. FML
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Sodapop40 tells us more.

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They saw me staring at them with terror in my eyes, and quickly came over to ask me if I wanted tto model with their agency? Um, no.

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Well aren't you the chosen one!



You haven't explained what devilish experiment OP has been chosen for.


It's simple really, we plan to brainwash her to do our bidding. Eventually we aim to build an army of female Canadian shoppers to take over the world *insert evil laugh here*

They can take bieber back while their at it thanks.


I'm sorry, I'm not after pig-headed fuckwits to join my army

#25 No. We don't plan on taking him back. Sorry. No returns after 14 days

No returns on damaged goods, either. You break it, you buy it!

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We didn't even touch it, it came to us and broke itself.

Is nobody else bugged by the amount of times the "take Bieber back, we don't him" joke has been used? It's overdone and annoying at this point, especially when it's made any time someone mentions the nation of Canada.

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I think you accidentally one of your verbs.


How do two of my comments get heaps of upvotes, yet my one that starts the thread is downvoted to the shithouse lol

Its rather simple. The first one was just stupid, the others were kinda funny cause they are true bout Bieber. hes a douche

Dude WTF I'm a Canadian shopper. Please don't kidnap me

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you must've gotten away since since you posted this. or have you??? Is this your cry for help?? are they reading this. well if so then I'd like to inform them that I don't know who you are or what you want, but I possess a certain set of skills. skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. You let her go now and that we be the end of it, I won't pursue you or track you down, but if you don't I will find you and I will kill you.

i got it, i finally understood a refernce!

Sure has taken long enough for that to happen.

You have no idea how happy you've made me.

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not sure if downvoted because #2 said the same thing or because of the amount of far's

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It was the amount of far's. Hell, I wasn't gonna read all those far's. Too much work - a down vote was much easier

I'd go to the police if I were you, OP. can't be too careful.

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How could OP even report that?

What they said. Just because you call the cops doesn't mean charges are filled. If something we're to happen they have that report s reference.

I agree she should report it, just to be on the safe side, it was probably a joke but you never know.

Speaking of phones, personally I would have used mine to take a picture of the guys that said that. Then if anything were to happen, I'd have some sort of evidence if they did do something to me. I agree-- One can never be too careful!

definitely agree, better to be safe than sorry, and that sounds pretty unnerving

Everyone on here is so extreme, Jesus. I'm pretty sure if it was that extreme she wouldn't have put it on something like fml and nothing in that fml holds any ground to call the cops "hello miss what seems to be the problem?" "those guys pointed at me and said I'm the one!" ".... so what seems to be the problem?" that's pretty much how that would go.

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And made sure they saw her take the pic. That could dissuade them knowing she had that. Plus she should've sent the pic to family and friends with a note as to why. Extreme yes but can't hurt to be careful.

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I'm op. And I thought about it, but apparently they just wanted me to model for them? I said no and ran away

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Well aren't you the chosen one!

Let's not jump to conclusions. However, that is creepy as ****.