By jane - Australia
Today, I was pretending to be a monkey for a "documentary". The branch snapped and I fell out of the tree and onto a car roof. It was after school, I fell onto the dean's BMW. The video was on facebook before I regained consciousness. FML
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  HahaYDI  |  0

Yeah, but you just did, and doing so you have made it more obvious that you are first. But, if that was what you were going for, than I say well done.

By  plexico  |  3

I can see one monkey sitting next to another watching you and telling him, "Darwin was wrong."

Also, the dean has evidence who vandalized his car. That's going to cost you a fortune to fix. Why wasn't he driving a fried-out combie?

By  ssbu  |  0

fake. everytime someone says they were knocked out for long periods of time is lying. if you get knocked out your back in less than 30 seconds 99% of the time