By Stripes_And_Dots - Australia - Langley
Today, I asked a friend to hang out. I'm so used to people saying no, that when she said yes I burst into tears and had a panic attack. FML
Stripes_And_Dots tells us more :
Firstly, I'm not insane or anything. I have chronic depression and very negative self-esteem. I was talking to her over facebook, so she didn't see me have a flip out. I actually have quite a few friends, but since finishing high school last year everyone is so busy working or at university that we rarely have any time to hang out. I had three friends in high school who I was especially close to and two of them pretty much shut me off. For about a year now every time I've asked them to hang out they've said no, one of the blatantly lies about being busy or tired because she just can't be bothered. The other one, the one I asked, has moved out of home and has been struggling to pay rent and bills, so she's been working lots. I'm so used to hearing them say no, that when she said yes it shocked me and I didn't know how to react - hence triggering the panic attack. Once I'd calmed down I was excited and we're going to have lunch on Monday :)
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  tjv3  |  10

Umm sorry OP but I think I see why people say no. You should try and work on your social skills. I know you should hire an escort to teach you people skills. They have great people skills lol

By  Dallasluver19  |  14

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  TheAbstract  |  15

Clearly, you two don't have to handle rejection on a regular basis and as a result you're not alone often. When someone actually has a panic attack because someone actually wanted to hang out with them, well, It's not hilarious. It's kind of sad that that happens to people. Get over yourselves.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I always thought if you're lonely, go find other lonely folks! Then you can be happy and not all by yourself. Sure.. One of those people may cut off your face and wear it as a mask, but think, you'll always be with them from then on. :) Yay!

  TheAbstract  |  15

It's a site where people post their daily misfortunes. It isn't necessarily meant to be funny. A good portion of them just happen to be funny. Occasionally some pop up that are actually sad FMLs. This is one of them, at least to me.

  westcoastkp  |  13

Just because i think its a little ridiculous doesn't make me a bitch. I think if OP has that bad of an issue she should use medication for her panic attacks. You all need to stop getting so offended when you're judging people you don't know, calling us bitches. Lol

  toneeangel  |  22

Yes, tries to hang out with the same three people who keep (until now) saying no. I think its unfair to say they're bitches. Op really could find people to talk to or join clubs. And its very sad what happened.

  BriCx  |  8

Excuse me but there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. I and many other introverts are perfectly happy the way we are, so no, we DON'T need to explore the extrovert world...

  perdix  |  29

#33, the movie "Scarface" with Al Pacino.

"First, you get the money, then you get the power.
When you get the power, then you get the wee-min!"