By lolomg - 08/09/2011 01:22 - New Zealand

Today, my dad met my fiancé's dad for the first time. My fiancé's dad is a cop. He had arrested my dad for indecent exposure in the past. FML
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dedd4 0

Does it run in the family?

Seems pretty decent to me.


Congratulations on coming first in an FML post. Your life is finally complete.

Denikk 0

Let's thumb the fuck UP the first guy's comment...

First, and yet you wasted your comment by writing something completely pointless.

Seems pretty decent to me.

GlitteryMasakali 1

Perhaps after they keep meeting each other for some time and he is good to him. your fiancés dad may come to see him differently. He may come to realize that people change.

It's kinda funny, but I know of cops who are actually kind of friends with some of the guys they arrest a lot, just because they see them a lot. I'm talking small crimes of course, public urination, public intoxication, ect.

theten_fml 9

Op's dad: Today I met the man who ended my naked stroll around town. Now his son is banging my daughter. FML

Small world after all!

perdix 29

Vveetard, when the crime is indecent exposure, the term "small world" takes on a whole new meaning.

BEASTvela_17 1

Sounds like Our Family Wedding..

What I wanna know is how they came to the conclusion of this.

So what happened? Did your Dad have to be arrested by your girlfriend's Dad again for indecent exposure?

PopRocks14 0

My dad once wrote a ticket to my friends dad while he was in the car...

Is this the same fiancé who plays Rock Band in the bathroom?

dedd4 0

Does it run in the family?

enonymous 8

More of a streak than a run

HarveyMalone 0


Op's dad is awesome

Awesome dad, yes. But still, an awkward reunion for the OP.

Malkria 1


Upstanding citizen for sure

Something was upstanding..

marpay 11

That's unfortunate, hopefully they don't have grudges against each other.

:O haha that has to be one of the most awkward "meeting the in-laws" story! I wonder how that relationship is going to go down...

EnEl_Infierno 15

Considering how much they'll be "seeing" each other I'm they'll become best friends.

lolololer 8

i think this situation would make a funny movie :P

I agree with 88

Tell your dad to give him a box of donuts. Or a sizzling bacon.