By Trillian87 - 28/06/2013 10:28 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, the stalker flatmate who has been obsessed with me since I first moved into the flat two years ago, graduated. Apparently he told everyone we are an item, because his parents and relatives were smiling and taking pictures of me from their seats two rows ahead of mine at the ceremony. FML
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Trillian87 tells us more.

This little story actually happened a little while ago, I had to use the "Today" form because of the page's standard, but at least I can tell you how it ends. I moved into the flat when I was barely 19, while the flatmate-stalker (also nicknamed The 28 Years Old Virgin) was seven years older than me. He started to be obsessed with me after we went to the cinema together (the other two flatmates were supposed to come with us but they didn't), and he got convinced we were on a date. I didn't move out because at the time I was quite naive and I was getting together well with everyone else, plus the flat was really close to my uni and relatively cheap, and I thought that he was about to graduate anyway. His parents, for the records, are creepier than him: his dad came to visit once and my roommate caught him opening our wardrobe and going through our clothes, about a month before this episode. After graduation he had to move out because his mum wasn't willing to pay for the rent anymore and found him a job (he wanted to stay a bit longer but fortunately didn't happen), and came to visit unannounced a few times. About one year after he sent me a text out of nowhere (I didn't speak with him for months) saying that it was over and he was sorry if he did something to make me want to break up with him, so I guess that at that point after imagining us dating and getting together I probably left him. I hear he's doing fine and got his first girlfriend.

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Either that, or the entire family is stalking you.

You should play along and not humiliate the poor devil in front of his family. A few years after the wedding, you should be able to leave in a way that keeps everyone's pride intact.


Either that, or the entire family is stalking you.

Or they treat you as family because you have lived with their son for so long. Either way, pretty creepy.

I wonder how the family will be at the wedding next time he even stands near OP.

#38, you stand two rows behind your family and awkwardly stare and smile at them ?

Happened to me during my undergrad. My roommates parents treated me as a son. Her parents would come over and we would all watch movies and play games together.

Congratulations on graduating, hopefully now you'll be going separate ways and the problem will fix itself.

Oops, I read it wrong, thought you both graduated. Hopefully now that he graduated he'll move away and the problem will fix itself!

Or a date rape drug.

#19 Free chocolate!

@20 long distance rape?

@16 a reasonable assumption, otherwise why would she be at the ceremony (unless some else she knows is graduating).

Why would she be seated behind the relatives if she was graduating?

#36 I already corrected that mistake in the first reply.

People are so sad sometimes... smile and wave OP, smile and wave.

Walk up to them, politely introduce yourself, and ask his father if he has as big of a diaper fetish as his son.

Why stop there? Ask the parents in front of everyone why they made him wear little girls clothes and dance in the street for money. Then say that is what their son accuses them of.

Don't assume, you'll only make an ass of u and me! They probably all are after you

Her "assuming" her roommate told his parents they were an item makes an ass out of YOU? How exactly does that work?

What a stupid thing to lie about.

^ we are an item by the way. just so everyone is clear. my parent are taking screen caps.

You and me? Cool. When's our wedding? Should be legal in 13 states.

You should play along and not humiliate the poor devil in front of his family. A few years after the wedding, you should be able to leave in a way that keeps everyone's pride intact.

This guy is a stalker and has so little respect for the OP that he LIED TO HIS FAMILY about dating her and got them to take unwanted photos. Why should his pride remain intact?

Please reread (ANY of) perdix comment with a HEAVY dose of sarcasm, scepticism, and a bunch of other isms that may not be suitable even for our internet audience. Then we can both laugh.

#28, you've got to read between the lines. She did stay with the guy for two whole years. If she felt he was just an obsessed stalker, she would have moved out or kicked him out a long time ago. You gotta believe that she thought being with him wasn't totally repulsive; and doesn't that seem like enough for a sham marriage? C'mon, be a sport!

Nah, Perdix, he just bought really good locks for the apartment doors.

#37, she's at the graduation ceremony -- that would be a good time to make a run for it, if she wants. Having an obsessed stalker isn't an all-bad thing -- you can get them to pick up your dry cleaning and they will often be happy to provide you with treats.

That's true. Just be sure to check the "treats" for roofies before consumption.

#44, right, to make sure he's putting enough in, and not skimping on the dose. After all, it's the roofies that are making sex with him tolerable and keeping him interested. If she enjoyed sex with her stalker, I believe that would be called a "boyfriend."

Well won't they be disappointed when you don't show up to the celebratory dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Looks like someone has a boyfriend.

That's quite disturbing.. Time to move!