By spasti-cunt - 17/05/2014 20:51 - Ireland

Today, I was on my way to my first job interview in months. I wasn't even halfway to the place when a bunch of cockbites in a car drove past and hurled a bucket of paint out the window, drenching me and several other people on the street. FML
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Qwermy 16

Those douchebags sure showed you their true colors, OP

Ain't nothing like painting the town red, and it's people too... (Was it at least red paint?)


Ain't nothing like painting the town red, and it's people too... (Was it at least red paint?)

AnOriginalName 19

Nope. It was black. Someone came through right before this group and got red on all the doors, so OP's group went through town to paint everything black.

Don't get mad at me for not knowing, but you're talking about the song right?

AnOriginalName 19

"I see a red door and I want it painted black. No colors anymore, I want them to turn black...."

i see white everywhere cause i bursted

I wish I could thumb you up like a million times. ******* amazing song.

Ahh, that one. Memory lane is a nice place, isn't it?

incoherentrmblr 21

Now you can go to your interview looking like Marv from Home Alone 2...

"I see the girls walk by, dressed in their paint-drenched clothes..."

Qwermy 16

Those douchebags sure showed you their true colors, OP

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So... how did the interview go?

Better luck next time. You still did not lose the job yet..

I have a feeling he didn't get it......

#23 - I don't think it would be worse in this situation. If you lose an interview, so what? You can try again! If you lose a job, it could go on your record and/or your boss could give any future employers bad feedback about you. OP, just be glad you're attempting to make progress in your life compared to those a**holes with nothing else to do but coat people in paint.

I don't know which would be worse, coming into the interview and making a mess with paint, or rescheduling with an excuse like that.

43, I don't think losing an interview is a 'so what' situation. OP said it was their first in months and I know people sending out applications by the dozens and not getting interviews - not because they are bad applicants, but because companies are still not hiring at a rate that allows for 'so what' to be a response for missing the opportunity of a job interview.

"Hope you have a really nice pair of pants" Chris Gardner - The Pursuit of Happiness

I was thinking about the same thing. :)

What scum! The karma cops are after them for sure! Good luck on your job search OP!

And I thought immature assholes yelling "Godzilla" at a group of Asian people was the worst

Saw the word 'cockbites' and thought how is this person Irish?! And then saw the word '****' in the username and it all made sense! Sounds like something that would happen here alright. Good luck next time OP. Sorry that your opportunity was ruined by a bunch of pricks!

FYL op, should have got their plate number

The first thing I do when I'm blindsided by a cascade of paint is memorize a sequence of numbers. I also immediately do neurosurgery after waking up and rocket science after a car crash.

@40 - I can only imagine the lawsuits and horrified headlines if I weren't.

classiceagle63 16

Could find a new job in the blue man group.