By Treats For Days - 19/07/2013 13:54 - Canada - Medicine Hat

Today, I was on drive-thru where I work. Our policy is that we can give free treats to dogs that come through. A woman came in and I noticed her dog. Without a thought, I grabbed a treat and asked if her dog wanted one. I looked again. The 'dog' was her daughter. FML
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Either that was a rather hairy/ugly child or you are in desperate need of an eye exam. Good for you on being dog friendly though.


ILoveMyArm 15

Mutt we do these puns? I hope the girl wasn't a bitch about it.

#10. Dogs don't purr. I think your having a ruff time.

Do you not know how to spell rough?

BradTheBrony 19

Here's the joke. And your head was way way way WAAAAAAY down here.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hahaha! 57's comment made me laugh so much harder than the puns themselves. You must be new to this site. Oh the stupidity.. So funny.

Honestly, I thought the woman was gonna eat the treat

Whoops! Sorry, I only caught on to the pun after I posted the comment. So the people calling me stupid were'nt kidding, were they?? I have my blonde moments. Anyway, glad it made you laugh.

Eyes, making fools of us since the beginning.

friedpwnadge 25

Sometimes I think Canadian stereotypes go too far but then this happens.

Either that was a rather hairy/ugly child or you are in desperate need of an eye exam. Good for you on being dog friendly though.

CallMeWindSock 24

Those kid leashes just scream "poor parenting skills", don't they?

RedPillSucks 31

I wanna know what the womans response was.

Went something like this "Yes Jill, you can have one. Sit Jill, sit!" Or op got punched in the face

shyeahh_fml 19

There might be another FML from the woman's perspective...hopefully.

Well...the kid could have the treat too couldn't she? A lot of kids go through that phase. In any case, I don't think there's a smooth way to talk yourself out of that one. FYL OP.

Today, my mommy took me to get a Happy Meal. I got a Beggin' Strip instead. FML

You never know she could fallen off the wagon and started eat cats treats again... They are similar.

jojj351 12

but that's im-paw-bible! how can you confuse a girl for a dog?

No! Bad dog! We always finish our puns after thinking them through.

I think he means 'improbable', but I read it as 'in the bible'.

Llama_Face89 33

I think he meant im-paws-ible. imposible.

Always double check OP, always double check.

Maybe she was part werewolf? But seriously OP, did she laugh or complain to your manager? I hope she had a sense of humor.

Anyone else see #11's head smashing into the keyboard during the last sentence.

kaybee41906 13

Today, I went to the drive-thru with my mom. The person working there thought I was a dog. FML