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the funny thing is, I have a wheelchair that I found (yes, I made sure it didn't belong to anyone, or that the previous owners didn't need it) and I plan to make a video about people in wheelchairs, almost like a mini documentary, and then I plan to do fundraising

By  gavin751  |  5

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By  QiScorpion  |  6

I understand why you said that - my dad's in a wheelchair and the amount of pills he's taking/the gross procedure of getting up in the morning/going to bed at night make me feel the same. but you still put your foot in your mouth so FYL and FHL.

By  Bobhope124  |  5

Heyyyyyy!! I'm in a wheelchair you're a narrow minded asshole hhaah jkk you should have pushed him down the stairs and saved him the trouble (all possible implications implied in that one)

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