By bingalingading - United States - Owosso
Today, I was working at a donation center. I was having a really rough day, so my fiancée dropped me off some cookies. At the end of my shift, the manager told me I couldn't take them home because they were donated and therefore they were "company property." FML
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  MeltedMango  |  8

Many jobs working in charity are paid, so I don't think that could have worked out very well. That, and walking out of a position that OP probably enjoys considering that charity work is usually not paid that well even if it is paid isn't worth some lost cookies (though lost cookies are tragic indeed).

  nix1993  |  41

As corny as it might sound, it's not just about lost cookies, it's about principle. OP's manager knows full well that they are his cookies and not 'company property' but is still being deliberately and unnecessarily nasty about it. It's not too difficult to guess why OP was having a bad day in the first place.

  tygerarmy  |  35

The cookies are yours. I hope you stood up to your boss and told them that they were your property and not donated to the company. Otherwise you deserve it. Don't let people bully you.


I work for a thrift store with a donation center on site. I can assure you not all donation centers are volunteer positions. Two major companies with donation centers on site in the US are Goodwill and Savers.

By  Zzapper77  |  12

The selfish logic og some people.. og course they are private property. Imagine if your very nice fiancee dropped of your car, forgotten mobile phone or whatever - i doubt the manager would say the car was now company property..

  EmoKami  |  21

Aside from your lack of proof reading, I agree!
The person OP lives with drops off items made from their home, with their money, it's theirs. They didn't come and say "Here's a donation you greedy fuckers!" and hand it to the manager.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

It is considered a form of assault.
It is also a potentially deadly prank because laxatives can interact with other medication you may not be aware that person is taking. They can also cause potential heart problems and symptoms similar to Scarlet Fever if you accidentally ingest too much of them (such as, oh a dozen laxative laced cookies.) There is also a small subset of people who can have a severe allergic reaction to certain laxatives.
So yes, you can be arrested for giving someone laxative laced food and you would totally deserve to be arrested for it. Bottom line, don't lace peoples food or beverages with ANYTHING unless you are ok with possibly killing them and/or going to jail.