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Today, I found out I have an incredible fear of butterflies. I discovered this after my mother took me to a butterfly sanctuary for some "mother-daughter bonding time." FML
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It's okay OP, Spongebob is afraid of butterflies too.

Butterfly used 'Flutter around harmlessly!' It was super effective!


It's okay OP, Spongebob is afraid of butterflies too.

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Those teeth are pretty scary.

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#1 your idea of comforting OP is to bring up some fictional character from some stupid show? Your comforting skills suck my friend.

# 12 I am pretty sure it is more of a "This is supposed to be a funny comment; don't take it seriously" then "I am trying to comfort you OP so take it as seriously as possible" comment.

Sandy is Spongebob's mother? HOW LOVELY! *sarcasm

No she's not 25. She's his bitch. Or should I say one of his bitches

37 - Patrick is one of his bitches too

I always feel bad for people with a butterfly phobia because they are such beautiful creatures!!

I'm afraid of cobwebs. Spiders I don't mind, but cobwebs... *shudders* We're just weird, OP, but ignore what others say about us.

God 12 you look dumb for posting that comment

70 - yeah I think I may have seen that one. But yes you are right their wings are what make them beautiful. But some of them have pretty bodies too.

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This same thing happened to me with my dad :/

I'm not a dumbass. I know sandy isn't spongebobs mother. I was being sarcastic.

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86 - No one called you dumb. They thumb you down because your comment was dumb.

Butterflies are disgusting, same with all bugs. There annoying and gross. Just cause they can fly doesn't mean there pretty >__>

my stepmother is afraid of them, too, which is unfortunate because she really loves to garden. phobias suck, I'm sorry OP.

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when I first read this I thought of that one scene from Napoleon dynamite. lol

I loved the scene where he sighed for a really long time :D

Butterfly used 'Flutter around harmlessly!' It was super effective!

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They are disease-carrying, blood-sucking cockroaches with pretty wings. Your "fear" is reasonable caution and everyone is living in blissful ignorance of the death and destruction that butterflies cause.

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Lol yes that is exactly what they do.

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The butterflies started the spanish inquisition. Nobody expects the spanish inquisition.

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a...... butterfly..........?

I was thinking of Malcom in the Middle where Reese has the butterflies

I know, first it's like, "ooh look at those cute ******* flying around". And then BAM he mugs you.

You know, minus all the pretty wings, butterflies (or should I say the wormy part of the butterfly) are quite scary-looking. Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about.

You're not the only one OP, my boyfriend has a phobia for them - all because of some SpongeBob episode, he claims. Be prepared for some portion of non-understanding and teasing from almost everyone you know.

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Almost everyone I know does that. My family always tells me that it's just a harmless butterfly, when I run away from them like they're going to murder me. Lol Like yesturday (spelling?) me and my grandpa were outside and they were flying around, and one came within like 5 feet of me and I had to force myself not to run screaming. He looked at me like I lost my mind.

I have to admit that I also have a hard time to be respectful towards his phobia('s). Every time he runs away, screaming like a child, in agonizing fear of a butterfly or even a ladybug, I feel so ashamed. I even became totally mad when he jumped on me in the car (luckily in the passenger's seats) because he thought he saw a spider. And sometimes I give pretty mean remarks too. But yeah, it is hard to understand a phobia if you don't experience it.

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Im terrified of them to. It's really embarrassing but your not alone.

Don't worry. Your cat is more than willing to eat any butterflies that come around.

62- Butterflies are our natural enemy. Always taunting us with those bright colored wings

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My cat always tears them apart. He doesn't eat them though...