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By poopy pants - 08/04/2013 01:47 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, I was driving home from a friend's house after a night of partying. Suddenly, I had to poop worse than I ever had to in my entire life. The pain was so bad I had to pull over and pretend to be checking my tires while I let out the entire contents of my bowels onto the road. FML
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I keep re reading this fml and don't understand why I can't find the words " Taco and Bell" anywhere within it.

If you gotta go...better the side of the road than on your interior, right?


-insert shi**y situation comment here-

CharresBarkrey 15

Waste, indeed. A comment like that deserves a bowel of disapproval.

Sounds like a shitty situation ;D no pun intended

Seriously? The whole "insert shitty situation here" thing was never even funny. It's just as stupid as making a shitty pun.

21 - I would argue that it is worse, because with "insert...here", there isn't even any effort put forth.

You should be "exit only" with that comment!!

Ok guys. I have tried this before, and now I'm going to try this again. This is such a terrible waste of the #1 spot, that I feel that #1 should be banned from posting comments for 48 hours. We vote, thumbs up for agree with the ban, and thumbs down to disagree. Maybe we can start taking back the number one spot and give it to people who are witty enough to use it correctly. 1-2-3 go.

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How'd that work out for you?

Just like shit, this thread has hit the fan.

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48, posting a comment and asking for thumbs up? Really?

48- No matter how you try to justify it, no matter the cause, asking for thumbs up is just BEGGING for an onslaught of downvotes.

Well I asked thumbs up for yes vote and thumbs down for no vote. I was prepared for a burial in a sea of thumbs. I would venture to say that that is a little different than saying "thumbs up if you agree". Either way there is a million opportunities to redeem my mistakes. On to the next FML!

You guys are really anal about your jokes & puns, aren't you?

I'm glad I wasn't around when he shat himself.

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Wow, it happens guys. I think he did pretty good in that he could make it out of his car to relative cover in time.

true, at least he didn't just stop where he was and let rip. although it does leave the question of how did he wipe?

mif_fml 27

He/She didn't. In certain situations you have to use your underwear to get most of the residue off, throw them away, and go commando.

38- Op is already squated down by a tire, pretending to change it. Rotate body 180' degrees and wipe/rub your ass up against the tire edge. :p

Bloodjoker 11

When you gotta go you gotta go :-

Sounds like you're speaking from experience there, #42.

generally speaking if youre sqautting you don't have to wipe. I know this because I've visited many countries where they use sqaut toilets instead of sit and they never supply toilet paper

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Yes... I'm guessing he didn't wipe...

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If you gotta go...better the side of the road than on your interior, right?

Thanks, I appreciate that since sometimes people criticize me for being a little nutty.

" Better out than in, I always say! " -Shrek At least it wasn't in your car OP c:

Doesn't Hagrid also say that when Ron is vomiting slugs?

What did you use to wipe? Your pockets? Or is that your next FML story? This is classic

I can't be the only person that keeps a stack of fast food napkins in my glove box. Subway is there when I need to blow my nose. (:

I keep re reading this fml and don't understand why I can't find the words " Taco and Bell" anywhere within it.

I wonder if a 16 year old boy told op he could not use the inside toilet.

Don't you hate when you legitimately laugh at something and miss the like button

There's this nifty little feature called a reply button...

This just made my terrifying night for the second time... By the way, I'm looking to hire someone to slap me every time I think about listening to the original Japanese Lavender Town music. I listened to it earlier and I can't sleep, so here I am.