By NykP - United States - Mesa
Today, someone stole my card number and tried to use it. Every transaction got declined, not because the bank knew it was a fraudulent charge, but because I'm so poor that he couldn't make even a single purchase. FML
NykP tells us more :
Hi, I'm the OP. For one, I certainly do not have an IPhone, I have an old brick that doesn't have data. Secondly, I actually have my account set up so I cannot be over-drafted so all of the charges got declined and I have already shut down the card. Now my card was not actually stolen, they were just using the numbers. I asked the bank how they could have gotten those and they couldn't give me a definitive answer. They said it's as easy as your waitress could have copied the numbers and is using it online or something got hacked. Thirdly, I have no money because I am just a poor college student. I work two jobs but with the cost of school I have nothing left to keep in my account. I do not have a house, I am living in a little room at my grandparents. I do have a cat, but I buy large bags of food and it lasts him like three months. I do not have any children. I was certainly laughing at the stupid person who would try to steal from me.
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By  NykP  |  25

Thank you all for your positive comments.

It is more of just holding out until graduation. I am poor right now but I have absolutely no debt. I am on my fifth year of college, because I am finishing up my second degree, and I haven't had to take out a single loan yet. The consequences of not taking out any loans is that my bank account almost never has any money in it, but at least I pay all my bills and I am not in debt.

  \  |  28

Well at least OP has his own personal theft-deterrent.

  Sinistra_Blue  |  12

#29 I always try to be number 6. No one ever suspect number 6. I mean, would you rather be the #1 suspect in a murder investigation or #6? Also, if anyone asks, I was here online with you guys all night and nowhere near that alley. Actually, forget that last part. Yeah.

  fml121785  |  14

It's better than actually working hard for the money only to lose it to some theif and them enjoy your earnings. I rather not have it, than have it and have it stolen. :/

  \  |  28

Well at least OP has his own personal theft-deterrent

By  DustyStorm  |  16

Same thing happened to me about a year to be broke however I felt pleased that they couldn't get away with stealing from me, karma will also get them! So sorry for your're not alone.