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Today, someone stole my card number and tried to use it. Every transaction got declined, not because the bank knew it was a fraudulent charge, but because I'm so poor that he couldn't make even a single purchase. FML
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Hi, I'm the OP. For one, I certainly do not have an IPhone, I have an old brick that doesn't have data. Secondly, I actually have my account set up so I cannot be over-drafted so all of the charges got declined and I have already shut down the card. Now my card was not actually stolen, they were just using the numbers. I asked the bank how they could have gotten those and they couldn't give me a definitive answer. They said it's as easy as your waitress could have copied the numbers and is using it online or something got hacked. Thirdly, I have no money because I am just a poor college student. I work two jobs but with the cost of school I have nothing left to keep in my account. I do not have a house, I am living in a little room at my grandparents. I do have a cat, but I buy large bags of food and it lasts him like three months. I do not have any children. I was certainly laughing at the stupid person who would try to steal from me.

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Thank you all for your positive comments. It is more of just holding out until graduation. I am poor right now but I have absolutely no debt. I am on my fifth year of college, because I am finishing up my second degree, and I haven't had to take out a single loan yet. The consequences of not taking out any loans is that my bank account almost never has any money in it, but at least I pay all my bills and I am not in debt.


OP is a girl. Also, your post is pointless.

It's not a ... *looks at 5's comment.. Breath of relief* :x

If only there was a some mysterious way you cpuld express this belief, maybe some sort of button...

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Well at least OP has his own personal theft-deterrent.

well #5, try not to be to much of a prick to someone showing sympathy.

#29, this is true. Not everyone can be Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen.

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also girls can be called "dude" as well. my friend and I call each other that all the time!

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#29 I always try to be number 6. No one ever suspect number 6. I mean, would you rather be the #1 suspect in a murder investigation or #6? Also, if anyone asks, I was here online with you guys all night and nowhere near that alley. Actually, forget that last part. Yeah.

Track down where he tried to purchase and get your card back

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At least your money wasn't wiped out!

#23 Because there was no money to wipe out.

It's better than actually working hard for the money only to lose it to some theif and them enjoy your earnings. I rather not have it, than have it and have it stolen. :/

I don't think there will be a silver lining either, OP can't afford the silver. :P

At least your money wasn't stolen!! Sorry OP

...The money that would have been stolen if OP had any...

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Well at least OP has his own personal theft-deterrent

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Aw. That's alright, you should be glad that there was nothing they could take!

At least OP wasn't too poor to pay attention to her bank account!

Or should be worried because you're broke!!

Look on the bright side, you could have actually put in money and had it stolen. Good luck with your financial situation OP!

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I can hear the thief muttering now. *Damn, I gotta steal from richer people!!* Maybe he'll feel sorry for you and put money IN your account

I feel sorry for the thief. Now where is he going to get the money for GTAV?

25- That isn't how spelling operates, either.

That double blows! Sorry to hear that op! Don't worry at last they couldn't take anymore form you.

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They couldnt take "any" from OP

That just means that you got to spend your money on awesome, or necessary, things before the thief did.

Same thing happened to me about a year to be broke however I felt pleased that they couldn't get away with stealing from me, karma will also get them! So sorry for your're not alone.