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you brought the bed with you?

Amused...or aroused?


First! My first first. Deal with it.

Another awesome first post...

1-prepared to be thumbs down in 3..2..1. This FML sounds like the Stephen King book Gerald's Game.

Yah, sorry. I blanked on what to say.

It would have been hilarious if you weren't first with that comment. other people had posts the same minute as you.

I'm glad you were moderated.

Every time someone says "first" on the internet, a lolcat dies. I hope you know this #1.

And every time someone bitches about the first comment there's another idiot posting a crappy first comment. And that is the never ending circle of life

$5 Vvirtual cat... hmm... sad... Sic FYL

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LOLOLLOL so do you.

Your picture made me laugh so I thumbed it up

Was being the first commenter that important to you? Really?!

Kinky f--kery never fails. Buy new cuffs and try again. Way to keep it spicy

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Also, pics or it didn't happen

3/8- You're such a comedy genius.I'm being sarcastic people, don't take it seriously.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I like ur profile pic

Kepler-22b is that way. *Points*

I too used to tell over used comments, then I took an arrow to the knee ;)

48 i like yours...

ohhh my god I think this guy only knows how to speak using internet memes

Apparently people don't lik me when I give a compliment... Meanies

68 - IN the knee! IN! If you're gonna do it, do it right.

127- I'm pretty sure it's TO the knee.

Amused...or aroused?

If I was one of the firemen I would be "amused" too.

Both. And what is up with the parenthesis and slashes?

you brought the bed with you?

Op said one of the cuffs wouldn't open. Therefore, they opened one and the other one was just around her leg, not the bed.

She said she waddled to the station don't have to waddle with a pair of cuffs around your ankles.

You have to waddle if you don't want the cuffs hitting you in the leg every step

Looks like you two were in a sticky situation. But fyl and YDI though, you should have known about it before^^ always try things of they are new before using it :3 At least you're free from it now, so that's good ^^

U look like France

How does one look like a country? Because I want to look like Ireland.

What does Ireland look like exactly?

He can't look like France, though. He said he is the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain.

Keevarou are you really from Norway? I'm Norwegian :)

Yeah I am, I do my country proud, Jk.. But I'm Norwegian :)

13 - Was that a Hetalia reference?

38- ireland looks like whiskey and potatoes. Good stuff.

71- I do believe it was good sir. Only the anime fans will understand.

I like being Norwegian :) I'm all blonde and white and stuff haha.

That was a perfect Hetalia reference, and yes he absolutely looks like France! Everyone should google it if you want to see countries engaging in semi-homosexual moments. You haven't lived until youve seen Italy caress Germany's buttocks.....

This thread is radically taking a turn for the gayer

except for the ones with good taste.

How did you waddle to a fire station with your leg attached to a bed?

They probably broke off the portion of the bed she was attached to (i.e. The post, staff, etc.)

her bf dialed 911 I guess....

Great minds ask alike...

First for everything.

Seems like quite a fun event. And at least you got laid!

Hack saws work wonders. Don't worry, the doctors can reattach your foot. Wait, I suppose you could just cut the cuffs, go with the foot.

Just don't cut the wrong one. Dr. Phil paid for that big time.

If you cut the cuffs, then this could happen to you again in the future with another faulty pair of cuffs. If you listen to your doctor, then you will not have to worry about getting stuck again, as you will be able to simply remove your foot. You can have your kink and walk away too; win-win. Always remember, Doc knows best.