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Today, I tried to explain to my 23-year-old boyfriend the difference between "your" and "you're". I do this every other day, but it's like his head is permanently stuck in the first grade. FML
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OP here. I love my boyfriend, but you wouldn't BELIEVE how lazy and unmotivated he is sometimes. I think his attitude of not giving a **** goes back to how he's always been fed with a silver spoon and been given EVERYTHING in life. He feels as if he doesn't need to do anything, and that it's all up to everyone else. That goes for getting a job and earning money to pay the bills as well as stupid stuff like this. His attitude is "if they can figure it out, why should I care?" That doesn't make him a bad person, but it's hugely insensitive. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people here talking crap about me are exactly the same as he is. That "your" vs "you're" thing bugs the hell out of me anyway and it's not like committing the difference to memory is a hard thing. Long rant done, thanks. Edit: I didn't mean to reply to this comment. :S

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Ohhhh shit here come all the grammar nazis.

cc_the_beast 6

This FML is a grammar nazis wet dream.


#1 - Clearly. Because smart people obviously have the grammatical mentality of a first grader.

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OP you're boyfriend seems to be very intelligent. Your over reacting

Either he is an idiot or he is trolling you and your too gullible to realize that. Also english might be his second language.

WatchingYouSir 3

1st of all, those comments were sarcasm. 2nd of all, save years of suffering and dump him. But make sure when you do, he understands.

51 english is my second language calm your balls

hellbilly205 17

**** grammer, live life to the fullest...unless you have a job that requires it.

Lol I think she was serious this time

@79 "your" being mean! Don't tell me "you're" English is perfect!!! :P

Damn_Hippster 11

51-you realize I was just joking right?

Hellbilly - You consider poor grammar "living life to the fullest"? Really? Well I have bad news for you: ALL jobs require decent grammar. Oh, and by the way... grammar*

Guys, wait I actually can't beleive I made first comment on this shiet. W0o0o00oo0o0aaahh

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Op you're a grammar Nazi you know you're over reacting

Osito2011 9

It make you wonder if he knows the difference between their, there,and they're.

hellbilly205 17

My apologies Doc it was really late when i wrote that it was suppose to be sarcastic which they've managed to not yet include a sarcasm font anywhere. And for the record my job requires no writing what so ever.

MissHayleyJames 7

Hellbilly, we're talking about real jobs. Not flipping burgers or bagging groceries to get the bills paid because you didn't do anything with your life.

Hellbilly - while "your" and "you're" can really only be mixed up in writing, grammar also applies to speech. Therefore, unless you don't use any form of communication where you work, you need grammar. And MissHayleyJames, don't be a biotch.

I imagine Hellbilly as Milton from Office Space. That's the only way I can picture him never talking to anyone. And #214 -- not everyone who works the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant or delivers pizzas is a good-for-nothing, lazy sonofabitch who doesn't desire to do things with his/her life. Often, there are these things called "circumstances" that one must deal with; perhaps the person ended up on the wrong end of life's proverbial seesaw. |the kid|

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Oh no. He misspelled a word. Everybody misspells words. Get over it.

glamorous18 10

Beauty fades but dumb is forever. YDI, for staying with him. Enjoy.

hellbilly205 17

214 for your info i work at fed ex packing boxes in trucks. Is it a great and wonderful job? No but it pays the bills and it's hard work but i cant complain bacause i make $11.75 an hour you don't make that flipping burgers...and fyi im leaving for basic training in the army in a couple weeks so what was that again about flipping burgers? And everybody else that replied to me yea i get it its grammar it's important. But its not like i don't use some form of it.

MissHayleyJames 7

I mean for people who do it with no intentions of doing anything else. If it's a transitional job between better jobs or something while you're in school, that's fine, but there are people who are perfectly content working those jobs for the rest of their lives because they have such low standards and just don't care to better themselves. Warehouse work is the same. It should be a transitional place, not a long term solution. Some of the people that work these jobs shouldn't even be allowed out in society because they're so idiotic.

Grammar* and what does that have to do with living life to the fullest?

Apparently, you say '**** spelling' as well. It's 'grammar'.

And now I see that subject has been well-covered by now. My bad! :)

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Yeah, but not everyone has such low standards, and if the boyfriend doesn't understand it by now, he's probably legally retarded. No offense to the mentally handicapped.

bitch_pleez 10

So liking a person for who they are as opposed to for their writing skills is now considered "low standards?" Someone get me off this goddamn planet.

Yeah, I really wish we could ship idiots like you off to the moon or something. The whole not learning from mistakes thing and not giving a shit about his partner's ticks? That's not a good attitude or a good sign for the relationship. The man should have some self-respect.

bitch_pleez 10

There's a difference between not caring about a partner's "ticks" and carefully proofreading everything you write. Sometimes it's simply easier to type your if all you want is to communicate the meaning.

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28-we prefer to be called little people.

Sometimes great sex can make up for other traits which aren't so great. This boyfriend may satisfy her physical needs, just not her intellectual ones.

kirbeaar 19

Agreed, my sister in-law is a Geneticist and has a horrible time with things like that. I'm pretty sure she's not legally retarded.

juturnaamo 29

He could be dyslexic, apathetic, or taking the piss.

Umm yea it really doesn't matter how you say it. He probably still loves her even if she's a grammar freak.

Because intelligence isnt what makes people love each other. Maybe she also finds it cute? Just won't add that. Maybe there's more to it?

bedhead08 1

Intelligence might not be what "makes people love each other", but it sure as hell is my first requirement. If I can't hold a decent conversation with the guy (in all forms), I don't give two rips how cute he is. Stupidity is a deal breaker.

It's one thing of un intelligentenc you're and your it's not like he asks what's the sun. Derp

Just like people on the Internet..don't want to type an extra letter. In your case this was just dumb OP.

As OP’s addition says, this guy does not care about anything. That’s not a good person to be in a serious relationship with.

Ohhhh shit here come all the grammar nazis.

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59- you suck for making no sense, so do I, I think. Sorry for saying you suck. Anyways... I think OP is a known grammar Nazi from FML and just gave us the perfect fake story to shove in all the faces of the illiterate FML users who can't use grammar for shit. The point of the FML? Idk learn how to pronounce simple every ******* day language. Thumbs up or thumbs down, you either like this comment or hate it. Pick one, I obviously don't give care.

No, grammar. Stfu and gtfo, thank you.

strawberrywine22 30

My fiancé is the same way, isn't it aggravating?!

You're marrying an idioit. No offence

Actually offence is also a valid spelling, depending on what part of the world.

#131- offence / defence - British offense / defense - American Who's the idiot now???

wlddog 14

I still don't know the difference. Have been married 10 years and now I'm too stubborn to look it up.

5- it kinda looks like you picnicked your picture to have eyeliner... Is this true?

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This FML is a grammar nazis wet dream.

bitch_pleez 10

So you're an apologist for terrible grammar, AND you can't recognize a joke? Well done, your stupidity is all over this FML. *golf clap*

bitch_pleez 10

I can recognize a joke, I dgaf what you think about me. And thank you for the golf clap I appreciate your applause of my beautiful chip in yesterday from the bunker, although I am a little concerned about the fact you were aware of that event.....

I'm pretty sure #33 was joking right back. I think your the one who can't recognize a joke

bitch_pleez 10

Who cares, it's not a english class just STFU.

#29. Nazi's, You're and Stupid Have a nice day

No apostrophe necessary. The word isn't possessive, nor does it act as a contraction.

Uhh, yeah it's necessary. The Grammar Nazi in question is in possession of a wet dream, this FML. Ergo, it's "a grammar Nazi's wet dream."

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This is wierd no has voted ydi.... Yet Edit: I take it back

FMLshark 12

She's a Twilight fan. "Weird" is too complex of a word for her.

I love how neither one of you noticed that she also missed an entire word in the middle of her sentence...

I believe he was being sarcastic, i think...

Not necessarily 87, if you're referring to what I think you're referring to, he/she could just be missing a comma or a period and a capitalization.

Yes necessarily, 161. I'm not sure what you think I was referring to, but I am fairly sure that you're wrong. The word "one" was missing from between the words "no" and "has" and no amount of incorrect punctuation could replace it.

I used to find it hard to see the difference too, then I turned four.

Nothing gets to me more than people who don't understand the difference between those two simple words

cc_the_beast 6

Another favourite of mine is two, to and too

ooh, don't forget there/their/they're and our/are (believe it or not people I know actually get those two mixed up)

MissHayleyJames 7

I know somebody who thinks the word "I'll" is spelled "all".

No his head is permanently stuck in his ass no offense