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By Anonymous - 06/04/2024 07:00 - United States - Maryland Heights

Today, I had to sit and listen in mortification as my mother tearfully told our therapist how much sleep she loses over my being morbidly obese. She doesn't seem to care that I'm body positive and happy with the way I am. FML
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She is good with her size/weight/shape and Mom isn't.

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What in the world is body postive?


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What in the world is body postive?

She is good with her size/weight/shape and Mom isn't.

don't listen to the YDI. It's your life not her's. hating how you look won't make you skinny it'll only make you depressed. if you're healthy she can **** off

I think a little more context is needed here. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being body positive and I'm all for it. Unless, of course, there's a health concern. Was your mom saying she was worried about your health, or just how you look? Has your mom spoken to you about it before therapy and could therapy her last attempt to get you understand her concerns?

I think the main question is if she is worried about how you look (Non of her business) or about your health. It's great you are body positive, but you should also think about the health tool over of your choices.

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Its one thing to be body positive, but if youre obese, her every concern is valid.

I know you list yourself as morbidly obese, but there's context I'm missing here. Is your mom so troubled because of her expectations of you and wanting you to look/act a certain way, or is it because your health impacts her living situation? Example: my stepmother is morbidly obese. She's generally happy with things, but her health is terrible, and point blank she is a burden to everyone around her, because she won't get up and do things for herself, has everyone else cover her chores, and only moves around to do her work-at-home job. Her weight affects her balance and ability to move safely, which makes her clumsy, and we're constantly dealing with her breaking things, dropping things, or falling and hurting herself. We're stuck for now due to mutual financial reliability, but she is VERY MUCH in trouble once I move out, and we're all otherwise just waiting for her to fall, break her hip, and end up permanently in a nursing home due to immobility. I don't know that this matches you, but fact is, EVERYONE in her life loses sleep and feels concerned, anxious, or stressed over her weight, regardless of her own body positivity or happiness with her life like this, because we're all negatively affected by her physical inability. I would say to take an honest look at your mom's concerns. If it's about your appearance and her expectations, then FYL. If it's about the effects of your lifestyle on her own, then I give a GENTLE YDI. You're allowed to live the life you want, so long as it affects only you. This COULD affect her, depending on the answers.

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depending on how big you are she may be right to be scared for you and your health.

The question is, is OP really morbidly obese or is she heavier than her mother prefers? OP says she's fine with her body, so she could be a normal/healthy size and mom could be one of those overbearing parents that thinks her daughter should be the size of a chopstick. So this could go either way.