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Today, I worked overtime with three guys who never shut up about partying and getting laid. When I finally escaped the testosterone and got home, the first thing I heard was my grandpa telling my dad all about how he once fisted a girl to orgasm. FML
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nickownes1 3

Your grandpa must of been a party animal (;.. *shudder*


That must've felt awkward! FYL!!

Well, no. I'm guessing it was a pretty amazing experience for both the grandpa and the girl. Oh you meant for OP? Yeah, I guess it did.

Psych101 9

8- I'm guessing you're new here. Oh 13 years old and 6 comments? Yea, you're new.

wow, that comment must of took a hell of a lot of effort...

Leave off guys. She's only thirteen, and new to FML. She'll get the hang of it soon enough. :)

Psych101 9

27- Sorry, but *have taken*. Not of took.

He. And he's Canadian guys, they don't understand sarcasm.

Psych101 9

33- Don't stereotype. All people who stereotype are terrible at sports, and you don't want that to be you.

This entire thread caused 145 of my brain cells to commit suicide. I hate all of you a little bit right now.

Psych101, I'm guessing you're terrible at sports?

66- If your username is referring to Derrick Rose, I'm adding you to my "people I like" list in my bio.

ericbud27 4

When I was 13, I wouldn't have known what "fisting" meant. This generation of teenagers is pretty screwed up.

lol awesome hypocritical comment. and true, we Canadians aren't all stupid, although I do know quite a few that most likely were dropped on their heads as a child

71- I remember hearing Stacy king calling rose the 'windy city assassin' after the clippers game. Best nickname I've heard to this day.

81 I'm 14 and it's not are fault the television providers allow shows and movies where there are words a sailer wouldn't use and in movies they show a lot more than what Elmo ever showed.

15 - Please inspire us with your EIGHTY comments worth of wisdom, master.

ericbud27 4

90 Sure they say and show some pretty bad things on tv but I've never heard anyone explain fisting in a tv show.

However, 90, it IS your fault that you watch them.

mzrobinson 13

I'm willing to bet he had to google what fisting was..

I'm more concerned about the blatant disregard for any sense of grammar in 90's comment. "It's not ARE fault?" "Sailer?" Really? Are and Our don't even sound the same!

#111- A lot of people actually pronounce them the same. And to everyone saying "only X amount of comments", I have been on this site since 2009 and only have 130 comments (I don't remember how long into using I made a profile). Some people just don't comment all the time.

81- If it helps restore your faith in this generation a little, I'm 13 and I don't know what that is.

130 it's when you stick your whole fist inside a girls va-j-j and finger her (but with your fist)... Now if it would of bin a five finger fillet that would have bin a different story

What cable provider you got? I have yet to come across "The Fisting Channel".

Are you blind, or just can't imagine being filled up with a fist, yourself?

I don't know why knowing something as fisting takes away your faith in a generation... If you put your faith on a generations understanding of sexual lingo you will be let down over and over kids will always know more than the generation before them.

ImmaB3AST 7

I was just thinking the same thing. I'd be proud to have a grandpa that can fist an ****** when half the time girls fake an ****** during sex.

OP sounds like you need a night out with the girls to keep ya mind off!

If I heard my grandpa say something like that, I'd be keeping a lot of distance

kayceecakess 7

Grandpa must've been legendary in his days(;

Tbh the guys sound like Adam, Blake, and Anders from Workaholics.

Why where a dad and son talking about that?

Because they're both still men and enjoy hearing each other's sexual conquests?

dougiewhale 6

When I grow up, I want to be just like her grandpa.

nickownes1 3

Your grandpa must of been a party animal (;.. *shudder*

iseyixes 18

Makes one wonder what else grandpa accomplished

37- You can hear FML comments? :-O *gasp* (My poor attempt of a joke... :'-( )

Dr0reos 8

OP your grandpa is doing gods work.Ahhh there's still a few good men left*salutes*

123 fisting women is gods work? Wow I need to reread the bible

What is herd cannot be unherd. Maybe you should put a muzzle on him. I bet you're feeling.g sheepish.

170, You're an idiot. It was a pun. He said party animal so herd was correct, as in a herd of animals.

The imagery that she must've had to suffer...

Especially if her grandpa was talking about doing it recently. That would've been even worse.

Surprise, old people have sex. Sometimes, we even enjoy it!

Why did the dad want to hear about this?

If I had heard my grandpa say that, my eardrums would have burst.

Having sex when your old would be like trying to play pool with a rope

Rectumended - First, learn the difference between "you're" and "your". Second, learn punctuation. Third, learn that older men are a LOT better at sex than you younger guys. You can't fake experience when you're young, and experience is everything when it comes to sex.

I think it's about time you invested in an iPod

Or mp3, Walkman ...ect. Whatever floats your boat. Edit: oh and I don't mean the stock

KVKdragon 26

How would that be a financial catastrophe? Their iPods are pretty well priced for the low end ones. The middle-to-high end ones are worth it since they can do more than one thing, as well as offer better memory options. Music shouldn't be a big deal since there're a lot of ways to get songs for free

The low end model is well priced? It's a USB with a built in media player...its neither a huge advancement in technology nor an expensive item. When you can't get the generic substitute for half the price of an iPod you may have a point.

You learn something new everyday. Sometimes whether you want to or not.

Why do you say that? They didn't really say anything similar. Just both along the lines of sex.

55- I think you are a little confused. You should probably google Telepathy.

elletex 8

...what does telepathy have to do with sex?

It might be useful. You know, in the whole knowing what the other wants without asking etc.

Well, from my understanding telepathy is the communication from one person to another by their minds, and nothing is said out loud.

Hope they weren't watching wrestling or something; that'd be a triple whammy. Good luck recuperating!