By SuperFail55 - United States - Oconomowoc
Today, and for the fifth week in a row, my dad has been moping around and acting pissy about everything because his psycho girlfriend won't talk to him. He now claims his life is over. I'm being raised by a teenage girl. FML
SuperFail55 tells us more :
Thanks for all the comforting comments. I just thought that I should clear some things up. First of all, as much as I agree that men are just as entitled to their emotions as women I wanted to clarify that naturally he is NOT an emotional man at all. So it is just weird to have him acting so... hormonal. As some of you were wondering it isn't so much impairing his ability to be a parent as it is just not fun to be around him. Also being a teenage girl and having teenage girl friends we can be very melodramatic about relationships and so that's why I used that analogy (cough cough #'s 37 and 38 cough cough.)
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By  Eorlas  |  31

It has to be rough for him to go through a divorce and then have his girlfriend also turn out to be another rough relationship. I'm not excusing his behavior, but try to help him through it.

Good luck, OP.

  calilovesneb  |  12

Try to be more supportive, or at least understanding of his feelings. Everyone handles pain differently and if this was a serious relationship for him, it may take awhile to get over the loss of it.


I agree with you, #2. Parents aren't as invincible as their children like to think. Just because they're parents doesn't make them immune to pain and it doesn't mean they're able to fix any problem.

By  Comet_Candy  |  23

The poor man! It's amazing how even the craziest, most disrespectful of significant others will seem like the absolute best when you're with them long enough. Help him cope with it the best you can, OP. It's about all you can do for now. Good luck and I hope things turn around for you!

By  MrsDruidess  |  23

I am sorry OP, I feel your pain but do try to understand that guys, even old ones, have feelings too. So feel free to tell him to man up, but say it in a nice way, maybe toss in a hug. Good Luck

  mangobbler  |  11

They are, but if you read it carefully it indicates that the parent is overreacting like a teenager about a relationship. If you think I said that adults aren't allowed to have feelings, in some way, I recommend you read again what I wrote.

  Beepbeep7  |  14

How do you know that the kid isn't the one overreacting.Teenagers are notorious for being melodramatic and insensitive.It is quite possible that OP isn't helping the situation. They would mope if it was one of their trivial relationships wouldn't they?And they would expect their dad to be understanding,therefore they should do the same. Besides,even though he is upset it doesn't mean that he isn't performing his duties as a parent.

By  beautifulsoul89  |  11

Obviously your dad must be very sweet and caring if he's so worked up about his "psycho" girlfriend not talking to him anymore. Some people dig that whole being treated like shit and majority of them who dig that are kind hearted. Tell your dad to go do stuff with you and get his mind off that female. Yeah breakups suck, but no need to get depressed when you have kids! I agree with your last sentence but you could atleast try to cheer him up instead of being a bystander watching him and complain about it instead of taking this as an opportunity to get closer with him!