By Fattypatty - 09/07/2009 06:21 - United States

Today, I realized how fat I really am. While going to the bathroom I leaned to the side to wipe my butt and heard a crack. Not knowing what it was, I continued to wipe. After I finished, I got up to see that I'd cracked the toilet seat in half. FML
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SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

Diet. Gastric Bypass. Tummy Tuck. Gym. Something! D: and how the **** do you crack a porcelain seat like that? my God. :3


generic 'butt crack' joke? ydi

purple_nugget 0

wow you must be really fat.. plus who sits on public toilets. nastyy

Mulada 0

Um, people who need to use them, 19? It's what they're there for!

z3r0ram 0

when the plastic ones get old, they loose their strength, even a loose stand in the front can help it just came down to most you weight being on the weakest point of that seat. fairly easy to do really, especially if you heated it up ...

MadaFaka_fml 0

fu*k thats disguasting stop eating shit man

gigi2009 0

Damn! Fat bitch!! Endless hahaha's

natasha_tailor 0

can you not...thats me in the future ^_^

That happened to me once, and I'm in no way obese. Neither FYL nor YDI, could simply be bad quality.

EvilCupcake8361 9

fatty mcgoo

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

Diet. Gastric Bypass. Tummy Tuck. Gym. Something! D: and how the **** do you crack a porcelain seat like that? my God. :3

it could be plastic or something?

heavenandhell 0

the seats are plastic and the bowl is porcelain or ceramic... dumbass

sunshiiiineXD 0

Not all seats are plastic, hun.

ROFL My cousin is umm..fat. she broke my toilet seat and didnt even tell me. :P

I'm just suprised he didn't feel it :S

iambatman123 0

That doesn't mean your fat. That happened to me. I weigh 110.

That happened to me too. I think it's more of how you shift your weight...

mojo5678 5

Or you're in serious denial

110 lbs or kg... Haha

stop hating on her...don't be jealous because she is 110 and your not..people are such haters

cucuto89 0

Cool STOry Bro

yeah I loved it bro..amazing

Hey take a lap

Your life is not f'd. I have broken a toilet seat before and I am 150 lbs. It just had a lot of wear and tear.

I hate fat people. Stop being a fat shit.

Inked2009 0


Hemlock510 0

I hate assholes. Stop being an asshole

well theres the "Yeah look at how fat I am haha" people and the "why am I fat? I need a twinkie" people if the OP is the former then its all good but we won't really know the circumstances...

I second that.

You're an idiot if you claim to know what "9 out of 10" toilet seats are made of. I installed a toilet seat about two months ago because my very skinny grandfather broke his. Turns out I had a huge range of materials to choose from.

Really? Wouldn't they make your arse cold when you sit on them?

how bout u stop being a duche bag and mabe people will consider a diet.

7 - I hope karma is a bitch to you and you get fat.

Seat was probably just old, my brother broke a seat once when he was a 70 lb kid.

that sucks I feel sorry for you.