By Anonymous - United States
Today, I totalled my car. I flipped it over on the freeway and broke my collarbone in the process. I was in extreme pain and unable to move. It took the ambulance an hour to get there in rush hour traffic. The song repeating on my iPod was, "Don't Worry, be Happy." FML
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  jackkerouc9  |  0

Has everyone missed the fact she did not mention why she flipped? I have money on you were weaving in an SUV on the highway at 90? That is probably a good sign YDI for driving like you have terets.

  _fake_  |  0

That and no EMT would board someone and leave their iPod in their ears.
I think I'm going to call my first fake.
Unless the OP meant that it was playing before the crash,
but in context that isn't what's being said.

YDI, OP, for not thinking this FML before typing it up.

  miyon_fml  |  0

Heh, you might want to think a little more before calling Fake. Not sure how you missed it but the Op is saying they were pinned down in the car after the accident and couldn't move. The iPod was still playing but stuck on that song. And then it took the ambulance an hour to get to the Op and remove her from the car so while she was unable to move and waiting for the ambulance she had to listen to that song over and over for an hour.


Besides, couldn't the iPod have been hooked up to the radio, or something? OP never said she was wearing the headphones. Isn't it bad to drive with headphones in, anyway?

Doesn't sound fake to me. :/ FYL OP. At least the song could have been worse!

  _fake_  |  0

Or break the stereo.
Or shut the car off if it was plugged into the radio.
Or disconnect the ipod from the radio. Or it's FM transmitter.
Any way you look at it, it's damn near impossible.
Fake or exaggerated.


Why does it matter if it's fake, anyway? It's already on the site and obviously, it made people laugh. People calling out "OMG FAKE" isn't going to make the story less funny, and I'm sure no one is going to take it down. I guess people just do it for the attention.

  _fake_  |  0

Thanks love ;) So we're meeting up later then?
I am feeling quite randy.

It doesn't really matter if it's fake or not...
The point is it's extremely unlikely for, in such a severe crash, the radio to stay on and audio to still function. The probability of there being enough damage to break bones in most cars without doing severe body and mechanical damage is extremely unlikely, unless the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt.

I speak from the standpoint of a mechanic, and seeing so many damaged cars, and knowing how they work, all I was saying was it's really, really, REALLY unlikely.

Unless of course OP has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, in which case she would be even more beat up than described.

Which is why, I suppose, it's an FML- because the actual chance of this happening is so rare that OP's L is F'd.

By  Xathanos  |  16

I'm sorry but it just sounds so funny i had to laugh, though i know the saying what comes around goes around, now I'm regretting it now, but hope you recover quickly and do as the song Don't worry, be happy FYL

By  Mx_Rider  |  6

oh number 6 youll be fine 2, i laughed at the part he said it took an hour for the paramedic to get there i am one right now im 18 and i know theres no way in hell it takes that long no matter what and for a roll over crash too? nahhhhh hope u got insurance op....


when i lived in West Virginia the nearest hospital was an hour away. Don't act like your the expert. I'm not trying to be mean, but you need to do a little research before you claim to be an oracle on something.

By  LiarPantsFire  |  0

WTF ... Hats off Bro ... I really appreciate you posting this on FML from Hospital with all the pain .. Wow ...

If that's so then YDI ... probably that's how you got into an accident by texting while driving ...

  Vanita  |  1

Aaand another one who doesn't realize all FML stories have to begin with "Today".

OP, I feel sorry for you. Not only because of the pain and the hassle ... I think I'd have gone insane in your situation.