By hellolaina - United States - Blacklick
Today, my batshit crazy coworker told me that she wants to hear my skin sizzle. I'm afraid to go to work now. FML
hellolaina tells us more :
OP here. This happened a few years ago. She's like 28 and has loose wires in her brain. I ended up quitting that job. Not because of her. I haven't seen her since.
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Have you been taking notes from Hannibal Lector? "I once ate ones liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti." or however it goes. lol. Or did he take notes from you? lol

By  peglegmeg9117  |  4

best way to beat a creeper is become a bigger one towards them. I had a nasty manager that kept leering at me until i started making horribly ugly faces at him then he got disgusted lmao