By Señor Guapo - 04/03/2009 17:42 - United States

Today, I was in spanish class, having a debate about the death penalty. When I went to make a point, I meant to say "La pena de muerte", which means "The death penalty". I said, "La pene de muerte". Turns out that means, "The penis of death". FML
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That is hilarious and awesome! I wish I could have been there! Once, in Japanese, a classmate was trying to describe an elephant as 'big.' He ended up saying there was big rape. This sort of thing also reminds me of German with night vs. naked, lol.


Theres a really terrible joke I could make...not gonna do it. But yeah you deserved that one.

This would've been a fun class to be in. It's funny when stuff like that happens, like if someone says ano instead año or excitado or something. :)

In grade five way way back, my best friend while explaining to the teacher the digestive system instead of large coalin she said large testicals, she was dead serious, and the entire class burst out laughing

Without accents marks "my dad is 47 years old" becomes "my potato has 47 assholes"

iwish I could favourite this comment for future use :)

haha that's definitely something i would do

lmao that must've been embarrasing.. but its funny xD

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hahahahahaha! that's something i would do

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hahahahahaha that is great!!!

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haha #2, when people say excitado for excited... there's a little bit different meaning there...

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did you say "estoy embarazada" afterwards?