oh_its_true tells us more.

To those who think she made it up to get out of the date...i initially thought the same thing too. so i said "listen, you dont have to make up some crappy story like you are on Jerry Springer. I am old enough to be told the truth." So then she started crying. Loudly. Which made everyone look at me like I was some jerk for making her cry. She then tells me its all true and she doesnt know what to do. I tell her maybe jail will straighten her man out and get him straight. I got up and walked out, passing the waitress who was on her way to our table with our drinks (to be fair, she ordered a coke)...i tossed around $40 on the tray and hit the door running. i later remembered that i left my gloves on the table... that is a totaly true story.

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she sounds like a keeper!

i hope you said yes, went o her house, and upon meeting the father, told him "hi, your daughter had asked me to come here, posing as her boyfriend. Her real boyfriend is a drug addict and was the one that had stole your car. Also, say hello to his and her baby for me when its born." and then walked out.


she sounds like a keeper!

you should do it!

ya c wat happens (:

3rdddddd yesss lOl wow

I hope it was everything you dreamt it would be.

Well that sucks! Good luck with that lol(:

hey 4 and 5 were posted in the same minute, give him a break JEEZ

Sorry but I just couldn't resist I know it is a troll thing to do

ppl stupidty still amaze me =)

And that sucks majorly. Sorry for you

Holy Jebus, not only that but she's drinking while preggers? Unless he means non-alcholic drinks.

I don't get why this is an fml, this seems like a pretty legitimate thing to do. ... :-

In Philly?? Hahaha, was her last name Rambo? Because that would be too funny...