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Today, I was sitting in the hospital waiting area. An old lady was crying, and my five year-old daughter asked her, "Are you okay?" The woman quietly nodded, prompting my daughter to scream at the top of her lungs, "Well shut up then!" FML
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maz_irken 6

...I want to meet your kid!

TaylorTotsYumm 10



maz_irken 6

...I want to meet your kid!

And promptly smack the shit out of her!

I agree. op's daughter is boss.

she just needs a gun...

X_Codes 11

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I know it wasn't the right thing to do but there's just something about her way of handling the situation that is really cute! Weird, I know :S

YourEvilHero 12

you can tell when she grows up, her boyfriends will be pussy whipped

Why are you all siding with the child? I'd ******* knock the little shit out. Poor old lady :(

Why are you all siding with the child? I'd ******* knock the little shit out. Poor old lady :(

yamatelle 19

I think it's time you play that game "tear that ass up" with her.

rallets 22

#102 umm.. i dont think thats what you think it is

Win. Your kid is now a badass

I would have loved to be there. I woulda been laughing so hard (of course try n hold it in til I was away from old hag)

yeseniaa14 0

I would love to meet your daughter, she sounds awesome.

Yeah 102...That Phrase is usually said between Adults. :P

Denikk 0

Well ... OP's daughter has a bright future, that's for sure.

maz255 10

i challenge you to a shoulin showdown for the right of the name..."maz" ill meet you at the crack of dawn..(giggle)

catnip1997 0

yeah me too, in the bedroom haha ;)

yamatelle 19

Obviously, some of you have yet to see a "Madea" movie.... It's Tyler Perry's quote for ass whoopping.

Yell at grandmas...!!! LIKE A BOSS!!!

I wonder where she learned that from.

star trek,,,,

Why would you support a little kid being an arsewipe? Oh, let me guess, she's "harmlessly expressing her emotions"? Seriously.

Rectov 10

Oh no am old lady was crying how dare she dayum

mooseluver4life 5

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bthomas0319 2

I can talk. In three word. Sentences like you.

rallets 22

shut. up. malcolm.

Toaster8669 0

That child is funny as hell, doesn't need to control anything

you are suchhh an amazing parent :)

Damn. What a boss.

William Shatner?

badass243 6

probly takes after you

Boss ass picture bro

Ya you obviously taught her to act like that so ydi and it's not an FML it's F her L (the old lady)

yomommma 6


You should have appologized to the old lady then taken your daughter into the restroom and beaten her. Then maybe she wouldn't embarass you like that...

kelsey_katie 17

171, LOVE your picture(: Adam lambert:)

You don't beat a child. That's no way to teach them. They shouldn't obey you out of fear. They should obey you out of love.

12swimmer34 0

Way to show you're heartless. You know some people actually have been abused.. or maybe you are too simple minded to realize this.

usmcUSA 0

An i'm a fucken illiterate ********, LOL!

297-If you're going to call someone an idiot you should proofread your comments.

What if you're a woman? Can't really "nut up"...

I say this to women all the time. Hell I'm a girl and I say it to myself...

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

rallets 22

then **** up or shut up

_toronto_chick_ 0

Zombieland quote ftw!

fijianchick 0

Lol nice shit you've been teaching her

I would have lovde to have seen that in person!

I think it's time you teach your daughter some manners... That being said, sometimes kids say things like that no matter what they've been taught

Children are far more logical than adults.

The kids I know are all very literal. Have to be careful how you say things. >_>

that kid might have learned that at home imitating whats going on between mom and dad.

#9 - Children will always do what they've been taught. It's just that most people failed to realize that just bossing them around, ordering them, forcing them, isn't the right way to teach children.

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ThatSoAmaZingDee 0

THANK YOU! if more people would beat their kids there would be less hores less gang violence more respect and less babies having babies.

lillost93 5

That's what every kid needs

That's not even true. Hitting kids often makes them end up like that because they don't listen to their parents because they resent them. Instead they listen to the other kids that usually act nice at first to get what they want.

269- someone forgot to turn on their sarcasm detectors

Your child did what was best for everybody reward her

Ha! Your kid is awesome! Wish the lady had someone with her tho:/