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Today, I was sitting in the hospital waiting area. An old lady was crying, and my five year-old daughter asked her, "Are you okay?" The woman quietly nodded, prompting my daughter to scream at the top of her lungs, "Well shut up then!" FML
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You should have appologized to the old lady then taken your daughter into the restroom and beaten her. Then maybe she wouldn't embarass you like that...

  Grayscale  |  9

#9 - Children will always do what they've been taught. It's just that most people failed to realize that just bossing them around, ordering them, forcing them, isn't the right way to teach children.


That's not even true. Hitting kids often makes them end up like that because they don't listen to their parents because they resent them. Instead they listen to the other kids that usually act nice at first to get what they want.