By grossedout - 09/12/2010 02:26 - United States

Today, I was helping an old lady at my job. While I was in mid-sentence, she coughed wet phlegm directly into my mouth. It tasted vile and caused me to have a panic attack while working. FML
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Sounds like something from Drag Me To Hell

You'm had a panic attack, huh?


Sounds like something from Drag Me To Hell

brokenbitch13 0

whats that?

it's poison! but don't panic it wont take affect for a few hours. she was trying to drug you so that she could steal your youth away and live another 50 years, the old bag!. go sleep of the affects in a secure area where you can be seen at all times.

damberdurand 0

u aint nvr lyin

lllioooollll thats movie is just wrg in everyway, funny movie, but wrg

lol 1 OP, I don't know why you needed to post the panic attack... the old granny cooties in your mouth is enough!!

You'm had a panic attack, huh?

haha xD I also noticed that !

I think I would vomit before I panicked

"I'm had a panic attack" Seriously?

Is 'Phlegmy' even an adjective?

That's not a question.

killabee 0

I is had a panic attack right now!

I'm a little thrown off by the "I'm had" but..... still, ewh!!! shoulda barfed it out on her feet.

CherryBomb511 3

Her face would have had a much better effect.

but she's just an old lady, you can't be that harsh. who knows? it could startle her so much she falls over and has a heart attack or breaks a hip haha

I'm thinking the better route would have been to cough it back into her mouth, thus beginning a never ending phlegm coughing war in which everyone is entertained!

Ew! If she's anything like most of the fml's about the much older generation, she probably laughed at you after or blamed you for not helping her properly. JK but fyl. );

eeww that's the most disgusting thing eever Dx

I believe we need a grammar clean-up on aisle four. Mods, if you would be so kind?

you need a life

26 - You* life.*

26 - It really is hilarious that you're telling someone to get a life over the Internet. Doing so reveals that you are in need of one far more than I. And besides, Wal-Mart was out of them when I tried to get one.

Wal-mart has crappy lives. Go to Target or something better.

Value Village or Goodwill may have some interesting ones... mind you, they're used.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Ewwwwwww. You shouldve coughed back at her.

I like your style.

EWWW ! That would be gross , but i would soo cough it back :) !

SomePinkTape 0

fucking sick.

ironyisforlosers 0

Aw, but she just wanted a closer connection to you :(

Yes, because exchanging body fluids is such a great way to start a friendship...

RedPillSucks 31

Yes, it would have been easier to just have sex.

Haha, yeah. Rawr!