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it's poison! but don't panic it wont take affect for a few hours. she was trying to drug you so that she could steal your youth away and live another 50 years, the old bag!. go sleep of the affects in a secure area where you can be seen at all times.

  elemont  |  0

I'm thinking the better route would have been to cough it back into her mouth, thus beginning a never ending phlegm coughing war in which everyone is entertained!

By  satomi_ishida  |  0

Ew! If she's anything like most of the fml's about the much older generation, she probably laughed at you after or blamed you for not helping her properly. JK but fyl. );

  Filitov  |  0

26 - It really is hilarious that you're telling someone to get a life over the Internet. Doing so reveals that you are in need of one far more than I.
And besides, Wal-Mart was out of them when I tried to get one.