By Anonymous - 09/12/2010 02:55 - United States

Today, I found out that even if you have to go really bad, never burst into a bathroom stall assuming that it's vacant because you don't see any legs underneath. There might be a child in there, who will scream, and whose mother will burst in and start screaming at you for being a "pedo." FML
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Arseniy 0

Even kid could lock the door. No?

haha! x) stupid kid should of locked the door! & you shouldn't just burst doors open lol!


foolish error ydi

stephanie0613 0

A fart ? huh

stephanie0613 0

A fart ? huh I don't get it . De que estas hablando??

just go around or on him. it's happened to me before, me and the kid are cool now.

pedo means fart in Spanish..... but he's talking about the English meaning of pedo

Pedo in English means child.

Infosys 0

Pedo does not mean child. it is a shortened term for a pedophile, aka child violator.

pedo means child, actually. :) but in this case OP meant the shortened term, of course.

HamsteronA 0

It SHOULD be spelled "paedo", short for paedophile.

VeeVengeance 0

25 you are so funny. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. lame.

Agility_fml 0

76, its "pedo" in the U.S.

I was under the impression that it was paedo in the US and pedo in England. I suppose it doesn't matter, but i'll just use "pedo" so much easier.

Pedo DOESN'T mean fart in Spanish. PEO means fart in Spanish. I should know because Spanish was my first language.

84 - It must be a lie that it's your first language because it IS "pedo" in Mexican Spanish (aka Castellano). Unless you mean Spanish from somewhere else.

Ah, ok in Puerto Rico they probably say it differently. But in Mexico it's called "pedo" and I know cause my grandparent's are from there. (Correcting myself a little.)

90, maybe she means European Spanish instead of south American Spanish? is there a difference? like some countries they say "papas" and some "patatas" for potatoes. and they only say "vosotros" in spain at least that's what my Spanish teacher (she's columbian, if that matters) says :)

91 - Her profile says she lives in Puerto Rico, thus my second comment where I correct myself :P

Let's get back on topic... HAHAHA I bet the guy took a dump while the mother was still in the bathroom.

I believe it's the kids fault for not shutting the door properly.

Pedophile is a correct spelling also much more commonly used than paedophile

ydi :) even if you had to go bad, you still don't burst through any door in the public.

what does YDI mean

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you deserve it :)

what does YDI mean

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Yodeling dragon instigator

You dumb immigrant

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63, I love immigrants, but that's funny!

50, are you sure you're allowed to be on the Internet by yourself? How many times do you have to ask what that means? And how many times were you dropped on the head as a child? Yes, I'm aware that this was an accidental double post, but you've asked this in other FMLs too.

MEM0817 18

Maybe not wait last minute to relieve yourself? Just a thought..

they could be coming out of a meeting or something.

MEM0817 18

True.. but considering how OP worded the story it doesn't sound like he was at work. Could of been a similar situation though. Good point.

If you wait you could get a peegasm though

AceArctic 4

^ Ned Vizzini FTW

Arseniy 0

Even kid could lock the door. No?

true say brother..

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billionair11 20

You see you're the kind of person that makes most people hate society.

And you also didn't get to use the facilities because of it, so now you also have to change your pants. What an awesome day for you. (;

haha! x) stupid kid should of locked the door! & you shouldn't just burst doors open lol!

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Hahaha awkward. Yeah, next time simply knock regardless if you see legs or not.

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alaaloo_fml_fml 0

I'm not Muslim.

It's still a decent offer, though. ;)

LOL ^winz

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chacha101908 0

poor little kid:/

I know right