By Anonymous - 09/12/2010 02:07 - United States

Today, I spent ages at CVS waiting for a flu shot. The main cause of holdup was a disagreement between the pharmacist and the insurance company over 4 cents. FML
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I don't see the problem? 4 cents is big money there.

the real FML here is America's ****** up health system.


that sucks give them the four cents.

the real FML here is America's ****** up health system.

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ydi for getting a flu shot.

i agree with peter it is pretty messed up

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how is it **** because we pay for it ? hace ya noticed people co here for treetmen not canida or mexico

Rofl #30.

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Most Americans on the border go to Canada cuz it's way better than here.

Evidently #28 is also a reflection of our school systems.

What a crock. The PROBLEM here is the lemmings that have a sense of entitlement from the government. Trust me, as someone that has been yelled at by a patient, because they have to pay $3.75 out of a $740 prescription, the "system" is not the problem.

Wow #44. Looks like this patient of yours is a Stingy S.O.B. It's as if the patient thought that paying the $3.75 copay or fee was like paying $3,000 for their prescription. People are such cheap bastards these days.

I don't see the problem? 4 cents is big money there.

I'm surprised nobody's fed the troll

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'Tis the season. ::cough, cough::

omg 4 cents is way too much money!!!

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Everything counts in large amounts (love Depeche Mode btw). Flu shots at CVS are kinda sketchy anyway, OP...

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If the insurance company let's them get away with these four cents, it will keep happening imaging after millions of time the company will loose um.. well a lot if money.

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Agreed. This could have been one of many times the insurance screwed them out of their money. It's the principal of the thing!

Seems Uncle Scrooge was fighting with Scrooge McDuck.

Facepalm inducing incidents aren't exactly new whenever a doc-in-a-box is involved.

It IS a rough economy....

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These are the times we live in... The next world war may be started over 4 cents... insurance people suck.