By Ashley - United States
  Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex for the first time when my 4 year old sister walked in. She thought we were making a dog pile, so just as soon as my boyfriend was about to finish, she jumped on his back. FML
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  lexie206  |  0

Okay for one.. Don't have sex with other people there?? Geez, that's like.. Common sense

Two; there's such a thing called a "door lock"

Three; why the heck would you keep going when your little four year old sister walked in?? Now, when she's older and knows what sex is she might remember this moment. I hope for her that she forgets it, that's just ew.

  tinuelena  |  0

Why not? Sometimes it happens because of an accident (I have friends ages 19 and 15 who have a 2 year old sister thanks to birth control failure). Sometimes it happens because of a remarriage (in high school, my 18-year-old best friend had step-siblings ages 2, 4, and 7.)