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And that's why you lock your door, or at least stop fucking till she leaves.

HOW was your boyfriend about to finish!? wouldn't he STOP when he saw your 4 year old sister!?? Lock the damn door.


wait does she mean that it was just awkward or that he cummed in her?

Lol, he didn't stop when she first came in?

26, maybe he didn't hear her come in.

so since she jumped on his back as he was bout to finish... did he finish inside u? fyl indeed op fyl hard

#52: why shouldn't he finish inside her? Who would be so stupid to have sex and think that not finishing inside the woman is enough protection?

well op atleast ur really really lucky that your boyfriend didn't say "yeah it is a dogpile come on in" that wouldve been disturbing

Eh, if it were me I would have sensed her presence :P

Well obviously OP deserves it. Why would you have sex when people are home?

that sucks.. totally ruined the mood huh? I wouldve screamed at her to get out.

OP you are effing gross... You keep going when your little sis walks in? YDI

ever heard of a lock?

wait till marriage ydi

lol ^^^

ur rite #141

Okay for one.. Don't have sex with other people there?? Geez, that's like.. Common sense Two; there's such a thing called a "door lock" Three; why the heck would you keep going when your little four year old sister walked in?? Now, when she's older and knows what sex is she might remember this moment. I hope for her that she forgets it, that's just ew.

What the fuck? Prude cunt, why she NOT have sex when people are home? lol

Lol, technically u had threesome with your little sister.

Dude D: why do you have a sibling that young?

Why not? Sometimes it happens because of an accident (I have friends ages 19 and 15 who have a 2 year old sister thanks to birth control failure). Sometimes it happens because of a remarriage (in high school, my 18-year-old best friend had step-siblings ages 2, 4, and 7.)

Because her parents had another child after op, dumb ass.

haha so true

lol 3 my cousin is 19 and has a 5 month old sis :p

Who told you that OP is above 18? She may be 10 yr old

my boyfriend's mom remarried and had 2 children with her new husband. he's 17 and his youngest sibling is 2. it's not exactly uncommon.

your boyfriends mom is prolly a Cougar

131, my boyfriends mom is a cougar?? haha if you say so xD

WoW ur amazed at an 18 year old have a 4yr old sibling. I'm 18 my eldest brother coming 40 in feb and my youngest brother will be 2 in feb.

well I'm 18 and my lil sister is 9 months old so it can happen....with horny ass parents

My older brother is 27 and my younger sister is 7.

ok how does anybody even know how old this person is???

also theres adoption.... ever think of that? haha

omg that sucks

INCEST!!!! DX but no, that really sucks...

And that's why you lock your door, or at least stop fucking till she leaves.

wow that's fuckin great! XD hahaha



does that mean she seen ur bfs O face...haha