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Today, I was happy because my co-worker was almost about to get fired due to his lazy habits. It was all going so well. Then I accidentally put my biggest sale yet under his name. FML
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Karma is the belief that at the end of life, the good and bad actions of a being are measured and used to determine which incarnation its souls will take next. Although I have no allegiance to any particular religion, I find this western bastardization of Karma pretty funny. It would be like an FML mentioning the act of showering, and somebody writing "Baptism." as a comment. Also, the OP did nothing to deserve a lost sale. </rant>

I try to tell people this all the time when they misuse it. They always try and correct me with "what goes around comes around" Well yeah dude in a way but it comes around in your reincarnation cycle. Bad guy equals returning as a worm not bad guy trips and hits his head on the curb.

Yes, OP deserves what happened to them, for being a hater. They wished bad things upon other people, but instead something bad happened to themselves.

Haters tend to, you know, hate. The OP was just happy somebody who slacked off was finally going to face well-deserved consequences. The slacker probably was the cause of undue extra work for the OP, who had to pick up their slack. If anything, the coworker's lack of action is more harmful than OP being a bit happy.

#8 You don't know what Op's co-worker did and he probably deserves to be fired. It isn't hating of it's something that needs to happen.

Yeah, well what goes around comes around. Ya know what I'm sayin?

Actually, Tripartita, you're wrong, and #1 is correct. The word Karma in Sanskrit refers to an action or the consequences of an action, and it has many different religious uses depending of the religion. Karma in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism is different, and may differ between the multiple version of these religions. In particular, in Buddhism, it is believed that Karma can yield to retribution in this life (diṭṭadhammika). Also your conception that the actions are being measured seems to imply an omnipotent moral being, which is very much a westernization of the concept of Karma. Sorry for the rant, but being wrong is fine with me, being pedantic is also fine with me, but I can't take people being wrong and pedantic at the same time. Tl,dr : Eastern religions are much more complex and diverse than most western people seem to believe, and you should probably learn the core of these religions before finding the conceptions of others funny.

Thanks for the correction, Ceciestuncompte. My apologies, #1.

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Maybe if they spent less time focusing on the other person and actually paid attention to what they were doing then they wouldn't have made such a big mistake. This is why you don't wish bad things on people. it tends to bite you in the ass.

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Dude talk to your boss quick to make sure he doesnt get the credit

Typically if their names are next to each other in the drop-down list. Happens at my work too.

Maybe it's a difference between; Brian Moose and Brian Morse - in a drop down menu?

I don't get how you "accidentally" put someone's else's name on your work, either this FML is fake, or you are just really bad at writing your name.

Talk to your boss, tell him/her it was you who made the sale. If he/she doesn't believe you call your customer so he/she can identify you as the sales man.

Conglaturations. (fyl but double check next time!)

You should use your own advice and double check your spelling.