By radicaloser - United States
Today, I was hanging out with the guy I like. All of a sudden, he pulls out a small vial of his blood to give to me, proving his undying love. Curious, I asked where he had gotten the blood. His answer? A razor blade. In his nose. FML
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  ydi_4_suking  |  20

as soon as i would have heard the my first reaction would be dropping it... whatever happened to those dumb friendship braclets or something else... HIV in a vial

  AceArctic  |  4

135 - A severed ear does!
141 - You're going about this all wrong. After she clones him she trains him to be her sex slave, then invites the original over and then they can have a fun night!

  KMilliron  |  2

There is actually a "feminine hygiene product" that some women use to catch, rather than absorb, period blood.

Found said product in my stepmoms bathroom.

Scarred for life.