By radicaloser - 25/03/2011 08:50 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with the guy I like. All of a sudden, he pulls out a small vial of his blood to give to me, proving his undying love. Curious, I asked where he had gotten the blood. His answer? A razor blade. In his nose. FML
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looks like u found a keeper lol

Then give him period blood.....jk lmao


looks like u found a keeper lol

This "keeper" can now receive a monthly vial of blood from her as proof of HER love :D

mismonroe 0

Have you earned yours?

aw that's sweet..

bowchickawowbone 0

Ah, true love.<3

as soon as i would have heard the my first reaction would be dropping it... whatever happened to those dumb friendship braclets or something else... HIV in a vial

op should be happy that he loves her and can prove it too lmao!:p

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hey, nothing says "I love you" more than a vial of blood!

especially if it's nose blood

iSitt 0

take his blood and make a clone. train it to be your slave. then kill the original and put the clone in his place. Profit!

bowchickawowbone 0

Love hurts.

Yes, that sounds like a grand idea!

AceArctic 4

135 - A severed ear does! 141 - You're going about this all wrong. After she clones him she trains him to be her sex slave, then invites the original over and then they can have a fun night!

keeper sounds like keep running and don't stop

That's creepy... though I guess he could always have been trying to shave his nose hairs.

Bbhd05 0

Aw how sweet :) he knows how to please a woman for sure.

Get out while you can.

give him some blood back, you ungrateful bitch

sadistic muhfucka..... I'd give him his own blood with a quick right hook. knock his creepy ass out

TayonaC 10

I love your dog, it's cute

#123 I love your dog its......ugly as Fuck

kinga08 0

Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction! Now!

I don't have a facebook either

me either, youtube and windows messenger are good enough

mylifesucksserio 15


run run as fast as you can!!

You can't catch me! I'm the gingerbread man!!! :D

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At least he didn't say it was Tiger Blood ;)

You're a total bitchin' rockstar from mars! lol

Or a rockstar vatican assassin

LMAAOO ^ your pic is killing me, every time I see that damn pedoseal I die lol so frickin creepy

119- I think your profile picture is the best!

niiice...... now back away slowly.....,,,

Then give him period blood.....jk lmao

oh that would be awesome.

lmao that hilarious

There is actually a "feminine hygiene product" that some women use to catch, rather than absorb, period blood. Found said product in my stepmoms bathroom. Scarred for life.

#81 should we be concerned or horrified?

ha, you found her diva cup? those things freak me out too, lol.

I died a little on the inside.

Those cups are disgusting!!

what the he'll is a diva cup??? I've never heard of tht?? what?!?!?

Killuhk 8

Mortified should run away as fast as you can, wait that might provoke him in that case do this^

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First time I hear a Saudi talk English that good. & I live in Kuwait o.o

RockstarRN 10


Oh, come on! In some countries, that's considered next to a proposal.

and in some OTHER countries it's considered weird! :)