By fuck you, Jeff - 25/04/2014 23:45 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I was out drinking with some colleagues, when one started ranting about some pretty sensitive subjects. There were some Latino guys nearby, and as soon as he said "I'm not racist, but..." I tried to casually get the hell out of there. We all got the crap beaten out of us anyway. FML
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Chellybelly92 14

Yea...when any sentence begins with that statement it's probably extremely racist. Sorry you got caught up in that.

I would probably refrain from drinking with that colleague again.


Chellybelly92 14

Yea...when any sentence begins with that statement it's probably extremely racist. Sorry you got caught up in that.

At times like this, who cares about casualty? I would've ran far, far away if my drunk friend ever said anything like that. Feel better OP, and please refrain from making racist comments when your drunk. Please.

badluckalex 23

ikr! i dont get why so many people think that its ok to make racist comments just because they start with that..

op wasnt the one who the racist comments .

Regardless of his extremely racist Jeff may have been, OP was only a bystander. Last I checked, being friends with racist people isn't illegal, and assault still is.

I don't know why there were so many YDIs for this one! It wasn't OP who said the racist things, it was his friend.

Gotta say, I think it's ridiculous that they beat the crap out of the whole group just because one person was being a racist prick. It's exactly that kind of thing that encourages these racist morons and makes them feel justified in their bigotry.

As much as racism annoys me, and it must suck to be an american citizen, often born there, maybe for generations (not that it should matter, but to a lot it seems to) and be discriminated against... Now this guy will tell all his "I'm not racist, but..." friends how he was drinking casually in a bar and these Mexican guys beat him up for no reason, and they being racist idiots will believe he was totally innocent... the story gets twisted and told again and again, and it perpetuates the ridiculous stereotypes. Often violence makes things worse, ignoring it or an intellectual discussion, proving you're a normal person will do more in the long run. Hard as that may be in the moment. If I was OP I may have just joined in and punched Jeff...

gabe222 25

@80, he never said Mexican, he said Latino... There is a difference, so that would make you my friend a racist for assuming that the Latinos were Mexicans. Mexico isn't the only place Latinos come from. He also said it was his colleague, not his friend... I would have just dipped out the moment the idiot said that starting line, nothing good ever comes after that.

#85 I think he's just stereotyping he isn't really showing any hate or discrimination towards a certain group

#85, I believe that he was talking from the perspective of racist Jeff.

Word. Also I understand racism is wrong and not to be harsh but if someone is being raciest you just need to ignore them you can't do anything about someone's beliefs or opinions. Beating the crap out of them will probably even make their opinions stronger

Man, where's the Not Racist Butt when you need him?

Well, I'll be packing my bags now. I thought a Cyanide and Happiness joke would be funny. I'll just leave.....Out into the cold world of the internet.....Yeah, you get the point. Bye, I'm done.

I would probably refrain from drinking with that colleague again.

No good ever comes from that statement

It usually gets you in more trouble when it's used jokingly

No good comes out of a "I'm not ___, but..." sentence. At least you tried to get the hell out of there

Better choice than "getting out of there" would be to immediately stop them in their tracks. When one of your friends/colleagues/associates starts a sentence with these types of words, you should instantly stop them and tell them that nothing positive could possibly follow that statement, so they should just keep it to themselves. [That is as long as there're other people around. If you know that everyone in your group can stomach what's about to be said and that there are no strangers in hearing distance, then you can perhaps let it slide.]

Or really any sentence with an excuse, followed by a "but." (no offense, but...)

I'm not hungry, but I don't mind eating with you.

A variation of the "I'm not ___, but ___" is "....but I have (insert minority group here) friends!" People seem to think they have a free pass to spout bigoted nonsense if they include those statements.

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oddities 20

If the fact that Honey Booboo said that didn't tip you off that it's not a smart thing to say, I don't know what will.

That really isn't something you should quote. Ever.

#6, that's not even what she said. She was talking about being gay, not racist. And she misunderstood being gay as a boy cross dressing so she didn't even know what she was saying.

Everybody confuses prejudice with racism. Racism is hatred, whereas prejudice is a preconceived notion, such as belief in a stereotype. For example, you could be prejudiced in thinking that black people all love watermelon, but that doesn't necessarily mean you hate black people. Believing that black people are inferior by nature and should either be subservient or exterminated is hatred and therefore racism. So everyone is probably a little prejudiced, but true racism is very rare these days, at least in the western hemisphere.

Of course you're "just joking" after being called out by everybody haha I saw the name Honey BooBoo and immediately thumbed you down... Guess I'm racist towards the Honey BooBooeins

rocker_chick23 27

This might come as a shock, I never judged someone by the color of their skin.

I say "everyone's a little bit racist" all the time. Except I got it from the Avenue Q song.

I agree with everything except the Western Hemisphere part..

Only racist people start sentences that way...

Not true, people sometimes use that phrase to make a casual observation that doesn't intend to be deemed racist but in fact, more analytical- so lets not label people here.

Razi_tail 25

So they didn't even stay to hear the rest of the sentence? People get their panties in a twist way too easily. Even though that phrase isn't a good way to start a conversation, it's not worth physical violence.

I'm pretty sure the sentence WAS finished (and pretty racist too) and OP was just too slow in his casual escape to avoid involvement.

You must've said something racist, it's your fault. Not an FML

Probably should've gotten the hell out a little less casually