By Anonymous - 18/8/2020 05:01

Spoiled for choice

Today, my bedroom in my gran's house gets the most sun in the evenings. There is no AC, not even a fan, and the only place cool enough to sleep is the basement. Which probably hasn’t been cleaned since the '80s, and I have to share it with the biggest spider ever and a beehive in the roller shutter casing. FML
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By  Jaymail  |  17

Learn to live and be grateful with what you DO have. Instead of being upset for what you don’t. There are people who don’t even have any shelter at all. Who live in the streets. Who would happily take whatever room would be available to them. Learn to count your blessings. You’ll probably find out you have more blessings than non-blessings.

By  Greekmund  |  5

That sucks but it's easily fixable. Clean the basement, buy a fan, liberate the spider and buy some wasp spray. This can all be done in a day or 2 depending on how dirty the basement is.

By  wysegirl  |  21

Easy fix. Clean the basement and buy a fan.