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"May name is Bård." Problem solved.

So then why didn't your parents consider Mandarin Chinese? Or why won't you consider Mandarin when naming your children, #27?


"May name is Bård." Problem solved.

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So then why didn't your parents consider Mandarin Chinese? Or why won't you consider Mandarin when naming your children, #27?

Good job 32. Exactly what I was thinking. Oh #5 and others, I'm SO sorry different groups have different names.

for anyone who couldn't see the sarcasm in my (#5) comment, i pity you. as for the OP I sure hope you weren't in a BOARD meeting! lol. Bard in a board meeting being bored.

you fail at sarcasm.

Why was the post I was replying to deleted?

32, because you can't pronounce a Western name into something that sounds remotely Mandarin.

A lot of Chinese guys named "Da-Wei" or "De-Wei" introduce themselves as "David" in English.

the most spoken language is chinese...

HA! just because English is a common language (which I assume is the language you were referring to), it doesn;t mean that 'foreigners' HAVE to give their children English names. You know, the British actually enjoy names from Iraq. And I believe that 'David' is Hebrew or Jewish? Anthony (Tony) is Italian, etc.

The ``most influential language in the world'' at the time of the OP's birth, from the perspective of their parents, might well have been something other than English. German perhaps?

@99: Yes, "David" is a Hebrew name (Hebrew being a Jewish language). You're spot on. Other Hebrew names include Nathan, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Maya, Rebekah, Leah, Shoshannah (more commonly as Susanna/Susan), Deborah/Devorah, Miriam/Mary, Jonah, Joel, Hannah, Tal, Elijah, Ilana, Suri, Rachel, Sarah, Simon, Naomi, Ruth, Judith/Judy, Abigail/Abby, Adam, Eve, Marni, Aaron, Talia, Zelda, Benjamin, Joseph, Reuben, Daniel, Dara, Shay, Saul, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and others. Although many aren't pronounced as a Hebrew-speaker would say them, their origins are Hebrew - and that's just some Hebrew names. There are plenty of other common names that have non-Western/English origins. So 27's argument goes out the window.

have you thought that mispronouncing your name could work "hi I'm bard"

Because no one liked it.

you really dont get it.

Hahaha awww wicked name.

Bare si det rett fram som ordentlige norskere ;) Det høres ikke like mye ut som bored da ;)

Det spørs om han snakker rett dialekt da vettu. ;-) Vestlendinger sier BåR(!)d, og ikke Bå(r)d, som østlendinger.


"It depends whether he's talking right dialect when vettu. ;-) The west says BAAR (!) D, and not ìëÉK (r) d, as Scoop."

#4 are you guys discussing some very complicated Physics equation? :S

bruhh thats hella fucked up

hahaha... "I am bored"

Norwegians FTW!

Don't be ashamed of your name

Exactly. I agree. Be happy and proud. xD

proud to have such an awesome name.. I THINK IT'S AWESOME

You're not Bård, you are Mr. Something. Trust me, it works