By Anonymous - 08/12/2009 12:10 - Norway

Today, I'm travelling to England for an important meeting. I'm Norwegian, and my name is Bård. I have to introduce myself as bored the whole day, because that's how my name is pronounced. FML
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So then why didn't your parents consider Mandarin Chinese? Or why won't you consider Mandarin when naming your children, #27?


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So then why didn't your parents consider Mandarin Chinese? Or why won't you consider Mandarin when naming your children, #27?

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Good job 32. Exactly what I was thinking. Oh #5 and others, I'm SO sorry different groups have different names.

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for anyone who couldn't see the sarcasm in my (#5) comment, i pity you. as for the OP I sure hope you weren't in a BOARD meeting! lol. Bard in a board meeting being bored.

Why was the post I was replying to deleted?

32, because you can't pronounce a Western name into something that sounds remotely Mandarin.

A lot of Chinese guys named "Da-Wei" or "De-Wei" introduce themselves as "David" in English.

the most spoken language is chinese...

HA! just because English is a common language (which I assume is the language you were referring to), it doesn;t mean that 'foreigners' HAVE to give their children English names. You know, the British actually enjoy names from Iraq. And I believe that 'David' is Hebrew or Jewish? Anthony (Tony) is Italian, etc.

The ``most influential language in the world'' at the time of the OP's birth, from the perspective of their parents, might well have been something other than English. German perhaps?

@99: Yes, "David" is a Hebrew name (Hebrew being a Jewish language). You're spot on. Other Hebrew names include Nathan, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Maya, Rebekah, Leah, Shoshannah (more commonly as Susanna/Susan), Deborah/Devorah, Miriam/Mary, Jonah, Joel, Hannah, Tal, Elijah, Ilana, Suri, Rachel, Sarah, Simon, Naomi, Ruth, Judith/Judy, Abigail/Abby, Adam, Eve, Marni, Aaron, Talia, Zelda, Benjamin, Joseph, Reuben, Daniel, Dara, Shay, Saul, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and others. Although many aren't pronounced as a Hebrew-speaker would say them, their origins are Hebrew - and that's just some Hebrew names. There are plenty of other common names that have non-Western/English origins. So 27's argument goes out the window.

have you thought that mispronouncing your name could work "hi I'm bard"

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Bare si det rett fram som ordentlige norskere ;) Det høres ikke like mye ut som bored da ;)

Det spørs om han snakker rett dialekt da vettu. ;-) Vestlendinger sier BåR(!)d, og ikke Bå(r)d, som østlendinger.

"It depends whether he's talking right dialect when vettu. ;-) The west says BAAR (!) D, and not ìëÉK (r) d, as Scoop."

#4 are you guys discussing some very complicated Physics equation? :S

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Exactly. I agree. Be happy and proud. xD

proud to have such an awesome name.. I THINK IT'S AWESOME

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don't you DARE use that language with me >:(

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You're not Bård, you are Mr. Something. Trust me, it works