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Today, the guy I broke up with for not putting any effort into the relationship asked if he could make it up to me by taking me out to lunch. He stood me up. FML
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I almost wanna say you deserve it for going back, but it still sucks .

Maybe she wanted to see if he grew up and would put effort into the relationship.

That's the analogy of insanity , repeating the same thing expecting different results. If he cheated and she left everyone would be like you deserve it cause once a cheater always a cheater.

People deserve second chances, third or fourth...not so much.

The guy either changed or he didn't, and OP took the chance. Turns out she was wrong, but that doesn't mean she made the wrong decision.

People only change when they want to , not when others want you too. To each there own , but since it's my Opinion, I believe that it's usually a bad decision to try again after a failed relationship the first round .

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Maybe OP felt bad and wanted to give him a second chance? People can change and OP is probably trying to see the best of people. I'm sorry that you have been hanging out with the wrong people andwant. to believe every guy, cheater, girl or bad person is the same as anyone.

All relationships have problems, and OP talked to get boyfriend asked him to change his bad behavior, giving him the opportunity to right certain wrongs. If couples broke up after every disagreement, then they would not be very stable relationships. For example, my mom was against spanking children whereas my dad thought that a little light spanking is fine. They talked it out and my dad eventually agreed with her. Instead of just breaking up for a simple disagreement they talked and worked it out. OP, similarly, was just attempting to talk to her boyfriend about their problems rather than just rashly breaking things off.

62 re-read the FML and make and you will see that they had already broken it off. Even though all of what you said I don't disagree with , in this case has little relevance to the situation

Where did you get "he cheated on her" from?

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What I would've done was not give him the satisfaction. I would've texted an hour later saying "I'm sorry for not showing up... I just don't think it would've been a good idea." (or whatever other excuse) Then his plan was a total failure and you still get the final word! My plan is flawless.

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You... I like you. That is perfect.

Exactly, 34. The most sensical [sic] thing I've heard all day.

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#34 what if he made sure she fell for his plan by not showing up but sneaked and saw her in the date place without letting her seeing him (kinda same way happened in "you've got mail" movie)... ur plan is not flawless :p

nonsensical 26

It's possible but unlikely. Then he would have to say that he saw her there and admit he was an ass for having stood her up!

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Trust me when I say you'll find better.

Maybe a break up is for the best, he doesn't sound like a very nice guy.

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I think one lunch doesn't compensate for an entire one-sided relationship.

Especially when he can't even give her that one lunch much less anything else. That's extremely sad. OP will definitely find someone better. And hopefully this guy will learn how wrong he has been and not do the same in future relationships.

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Still better than him having excused himself to go to the bathroom and never returning

Huh. You've managed to find the silver lining. Along with: better than you two getting back together only for him to revert back to his effortless self and you having to go through the break up all over again. I've been there, OP. It's not worth it. And I wish I left sooner instead of constantly breaking up and getting back together. Don't go through what I went through.

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Just a crack in the road of life. You'll find better OP. :)

Looks like he only affirmed you made the right decision then

Well you learned the "stay true to your words" lesson pretty quickly. If you dump someone it's usually for the best! Good luck with future relationships op